Fitness training at home: Five tools for the perfect start to home training

Everyone knows how to defeat the proverbial inner bastard, especially when it comes to sports. You may have your smart card for the gym in your purse, but driving there, checking in and slipping into sports equipment requires a lot of effort. But movement is important no matter how and where. Even at home in your own four walls you can move a lot, especially yourself. Exercising at home means you do not have to travel anywhere, you do not have to be on specific devices, and you can listen to music without headphones or stream your favorite series on the big screen. All you need is a few and very cheap fitness equipment that we present here.

Sure, you may have more space in a gym than at home, but with a few practical adjustments, even a relatively small space can be transformed into the perfect place for home training, taking your home training to the next level:

Cheap fitness equipment and tools for the home

1. Yoga mat

An exercise mat or better yoga mat is the basic equipment for any home workout. You know the mats from the gym where they are also part of the training on various sports and they should not be missing at home and it is not necessarily about “yoga”. Because the mat is a must for floor exercises such as push-ups or crunches to maximize the comfort of hard floors and stabilize the surface. A normal mat is about 1.80 meters long and six millimeters thick. Higher quality mats tend to be thicker and offer more cushioning and slip resistance when training with higher intensity. Prices start at 15 euros for simpler yoga mats. Top mats can also cost 90 euros.

2. Barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells

In my gym, the courses are “Fat Burner”, “Sixpack” or “Body Pump”, and they all aim to get circulation going. It is about cardio training, where lifting dumbbells is one of the most strenuous, but also best exercises. With the weight of dumbbells, dumbbells or kettlebells, not only strength and muscle mass can be increased, but also calorie burning after exercise. There are many different types of dumbbells and kettlebells, and they range from light to heavy, so there are plenty of options for finding the perfect dumbbell that best suits your fitness level. For starters, do not “overdo” and start with 1.0 kg or 1.5 kg. It does not sound like much, but after a few exercises you will quickly feel the effect. You can improve later. As a tip: Just keep an eye out for sets, ie dumbbells, dumbbells or kettlebells in different sizes like a bundle. Dumbbell sets already cost around 30 euros.

Jump rope or hula hoop

As children (good girls), skipping ropes and hula hoops were the hobbies. But now the two tools have long since entered the gym as a fun way to train your cardio without having to mess with heavy equipment. The jumper rope in particular is a good tool for getting your heart rate up and training body parts such as arms, legs and core. The important thing is to buy a light rope with comfortable grips and make sure that the rope has the right height. Tip: it should not be higher than your chest when you stand with one foot in the middle of the rope and pull it far). If you have a low ceiling or it does not work so well with jumps (also due to the neighbors below), you can also use a hula hoop. The selection is huge, especially as Chinese retailers have flooded the market with their cheap products. Tip: With the hula hoops, you should take one with foam weighing over a kilo. Some are hollow inside and can be filled with sand. Internally ribbed tires can massage the abdomen, but also give bruises. Just test what works for you. Skipping ropes are available from 10 euros, good hula hoops from 20 euros.

4. Fitness bands / resistance bands

Resistance bands, or fitness bands, are another inexpensive and easy to store item to add to one’s collection of fitness equipment for the home. Similar to dumbbells, there are different resistance levels (the thicker the width, the higher the resistance), so you can adjust it to suit your fitness level. There are so many different ways to train with resistance bands, whether it is to increase strength, improve mobility and flexibility or even help with injury rehabilitation. Tip: Here too, it is worth looking at a set of fitness bands so you can increase performance better and flexibly. Sets are available from as little as 10 euros.

5. Stability Ball / Stability Ball

Well, an exercise ball or stability ball may not be for everyone as they are not as easy to store if you do not want to inflate them every time. But there are many exercises you can do with it that are good for building strength and balance. It is also worth considering replacing the desk chair with a stability ball so you can train and strengthen the center of your body. Tip: When looking for a suitable ball, make sure it fits your own body size. The rule of thumb: If you are between 1.70 and 1.80 m tall, it may be better to use a 55 cm ball, if you are between 1.70 and 1.80 m tall, use a 65 cm ball, etc. Test it off. Tip: Firmer balls allow for harder training. Good balls are available from 15 euros.

You can see no matter how and how big your own room is. With a few tricks, you can sometimes skip a trip to the gym and improve your fitness at home. We will explain how to use the equipment well and what exercises are possible in one of our next articles here on in the fitness area.

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