Fitness studios in Bavaria: the unvaccinated face a restraining order

  • Fitness studies in Bavaria: Corona tightening brings hard cuts for unvaccinated
  • Bavaria hospital traffic lights steers up Warning level red to – Gyms threatened by 2G
  • No entry for unvaccinated members seam: Mrs. Sporty and smart fit respond
  • JOY-Speaker criticizes restrictions for unvaccinated: “I do not think it is right”

Stricter corona rules for fitness studies in Bavaria: Due to the drastically increased number of infections, stricter corona measures will take effect in Bavaria on Saturday (November 6, 2021). Fitness studies in Bavaria are also directly affected by this: unvaccinated members will be made significantly more difficult or even banned from entering the study from now on. The background is the redefinition of the Bavarian hospital traffic lights. The big fitness chains Mrs.Sporty, INJOY and clever fit are reacting to the new regulations with criticism.

Mrs.Sporty ‘apologizes’ Sder message: ‘Would have liked better differentiation’

The women’s fitness chain Mrs.Sporty is disappointed with the decision to tighten the rules. “We regret that due to the new restrictions, all members are temporarily no longer allowed to train in our clubs. Especially as we work contactlessly with smart coaches and have implemented hygiene measures, such as distance rules, which are reflected in the small boutique clubs. Powered by Mrs. Sporty implemented excellently, “explains Kerstin Kolata, Fitness Expert and Head of Product Development at Mrs.Sporty, “Therefore, we wanted a better differentiation in the risk assessment.”

Under the new Corona regulation, unvaccinated people are no longer allowed to work out in the gym when the hospital’s traffic lights are red. A circumstance that is met with skepticism by the fitness expert. The reason: “The Mrs.Sporty concept thrives on personal contact and support from the women of our coaches,” Kolata emphasizes. “The fact that we can no longer give all members the opportunity to train on site is, of course, a turning point.” Nevertheless, the new situation is made a little easier by the experience and solutions from the first two shutdowns.

“We introduced an online training platform during the first lockdown that our members have been able to use to train from home at any time since then with training videos and live training sessions,” explains Mrs Sporty’s spokeswoman. “In this way, our unvaccinated members would not have to give up their training until training in the club is again possible for everyone.” How many of the Mrs.Sporty customers who have not been vaccinated are not registered. “Therefore, we can not provide any information about this”, states Kolata. “Of course, we will implement the official requirements of the clubs in Bavaria accordingly and offer the affected members training alternatives at home.”

Fitness studios in Bavaria: These new corona rules apply from Sunday

The starting point for the stricter corona rules in Bavarian fitness studios is the redefinition of the Bavarian hospital traffic lights. The state government around Prime Minister Markus Sder is thus reacting to the drastically increased number of corona-infected. In Bavaria she jumps hospital traffic lights the future of Level Yellowif it is nationwide 450 intensive beds is obsessed. level red shows the traffic light when it 600 intensive care patients gives. In Bavaria, 541 intensive care units are currently occupied by confirmed Covid 19 cases (as of 5 November 2021; source: LGL). At the same time, the new regulation provides for facilities that so far according to the 3G rules are available, explicit innovations with it. fall under also the gyms.

The tightening will take effect on Saturday (November 6, 2021). However, they will not have concrete effects until Sunday (November 7, 2021). The following corona rules then apply to fitness studios in Bavaria:

  • At a yellow traffic light applies in the studies from now on 3G plus (recovered, vaccinated, negative PCR test)
  • At a red traffic light applies in the studies from now on 2G (recovered, vaccinated)

New initiatives in Bavaria’s fitness studios: Clever fit and INJOY are also taking a stand

Under the new Corona Regulation unvaccinated at a red traffic light never go to the gym at all. On the other hand, healthy or vaccinated clients can continue to exercise. has shortly after Sder’s announcement along with Mrs.Sporty too the two fitness chain Clever fit and INJOYwho is represented by several studies in Franconia, asked for a statement.

on smart fit one sees the intensified corona measures in the Free State relatively calmly. “We already have the problem in other federal states,” says PR and press officer Christiane Enzelberger. “These are pure and simple official demands. The question of whether we think it’s good or bad does not arise for us.”

Like many of the smart-fit customers mod Corona vaccinated is, she could not say. This is not documented for data protection reasons. But based on the total number of vaccinated in Germany, the spokeswoman assumes about 70 per cent out of. It is still unknown to what extent a temporary loss of unvaccinated customers will affect the study operators.

Smart fit: “We’re glad we’re allowed to reopen at all”

that smart fit studios will by the owners themselves led. “We basically advise our franchisees to always decide all matters in discussion with the customer.” If unvaccinated members are actually no longer allowed to enter their gym due to the stricter corona rules, Enzelberger urges study leaders to amicable solutions to obtain. For example, a temporary suspension of membership (“timeout”) is in principle possible.

The coming weeks will show the extent to which the intensified pandemic measures will affect the operation of the smart-fit studies. “We have just started our most important phase”states the press officer with a view to the cold season. “Her current position – after months of forced closure of the gyms: “We are actually happy that we are allowed to reopen at all.”

INJOY spokesman criticizes restrictions on unvaccinated people: “I do not think it’s right”

From that part of INJOY fitness centers meanwhile it hails criticism to the renewed corona measures. “The focus is on people’s health. And we think that regular muscle training makes a huge contribution to staying healthy,” says Thorsten Kielmann. With. As Chief Consultant at ACISO Fitness & Health GmbH, he is responsible for the INJOY studies. “For that reason, we think it is not usable at all was to close health-focused studies. “

Regarding the restrictions that will apply from now on to unvaccinated study guests in Bavaria, Kielmann states: “I do not think it is right to exclude non-vaccinated people from using it, because there are understandable reasons not to vaccinate, and these people are clearly disadvantaged.”, he complains. According to the spokesperson, it has great significance for INJOY-Studio if unvaccinated people are from now on denied access to the studio.

“Of course, this means fewer training customers and fewer new customer stores for our INJOY partners,” emphasizes Kielmann. This is especially true after the long shutdown noticeable. “This is of course after the closing time limiting factorwhich is also not good for business, “the chief consultant continues.” The proportion of those vaccinated is relatively high, but any restriction is detrimental to the success of the company. “

Changing rules and “incomprehensible decisions” causes “great dissatisfaction”

Nevertheless, it is always better to have it open again than to close it, says Kielmann. “Of course we are happy that we are open again. And yet there are also a great dissatisfactionbecause changed rules, different rules in the federal states and incomprehensible decisions here, ”the INJOY manager sharply criticizes.

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