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Sports watches and activity meters, powders and other gadgets are meant to help people live a healthier and healthier lifestyle – but it rarely works. Especially for the average Joe, these tools are often a waste of money. If you want to change something in your fitness, you do not need all the odds and ends:

“To improve your fitness, it’s important to follow effective approaches and have a solid plan,” said former Bundeswehr coach Dirk Wannmacher. In the following guest article, he reveals how to get in shape with the simplest methods.

The motivation must come from within

To get out of the comfort zone, everyone needs motivation. This motivation can come from within as well as from without. External motivation is present, for example, when we drive to work to avoid trouble with the boss and to make the money we need. Internal motivation is on the other hand when we love our job and drive to work because we are completely engrossed in it. It’s the same with fitness. Those who are passionate about staying in shape approach their training with a completely different attitude because the desire to change comes from within. This makes it much easier to achieve goals and consistently follow up on the fitness program.

But there are also two possibilities when it comes to motivation from within: People develop energy because they no longer want something, or because they want something. Not breathing when we go up a flight of stairs or have a fat belly can be a strong motivation. The inner strength is even stronger, but when we really want something: To want to be the fastest in a company race or to want to be as fit and sporty as we were ten years ago, can be an incredibly strong driver to achieve goals .

Understand your own needs: What do I want to achieve with a fitness app?

Often, people jump into a zero-to-100 activity phase with a fitness app or tracking tool. Deprivation such as not eating carbohydrates or ambitious training goals can even lead to success in the short term – if, for example, an expensive gym documents the first results. However, it becomes difficult to maintain the successes achieved if people are not aware of what they are actually looking for. On average, however, motivation drops markedly after just 8 to 12 weeks if it is dictated externally by a device.

The same goes for membership of a gym. There are often many sign-ups in January that are no longer used in March. This is due to unrealistic goals. People want to achieve too much in too short a time and give up in frustration. It is better to find out what your real needs are and act on them. Those who join the gym to experience the community, those who check their pedometer to enjoy how much exercise they can fit into their daily lives, have a completely different approach. “When people change their lives because a slim and well-trained body makes them happy, it is no longer about renunciation and discipline, but about joy and quality of life. And it can all ‘stay through’ in the long run,” it explains. former Bundeswehr coach.

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