Fitness: 5 easy ways to get more exercise every day

5 simple ways to move more in everyday life

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Between work, childcare and the like, many people lack time for extensive training. These five simple tips will help you get more exercise every now and then – without going to the gym.

Most people in western industrialized countries do not move enough. Our bodies are designed to travel miles a day, just as our Stone Age ancestors did. City life, cars, the constant availability of food and the like make us sit way too much. Many people also lack time for sports equipment in the gym.

The pandemic-related home office has not made the problem better for most of them: Because even if the road to work and the lunch break outside are eliminated, many of us walk no more than a few hundred steps a day – far too little to stay healthy in the long run.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends approximately 150 minutes of moderate exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. So it does not always have to be cardio or equipment training to stay healthy and fit. Here are five tips that you can use to incorporate simple movement islands into your daily routine without having to spend time and energy going to the gym.

No gym needed: 5 easy ways to move around more in everyday life

1. Walking meetings

Do you work in the home office and therefore spend a large part of the day in front of the computer? A simple method of moving more in between is so-called “walking meetings”, ie meetings where you go. Of course, this can not be implemented for all calls, after all, we need the computer for some appointments. But depending on the subject area, there are definitely a few meetings that the phone can handle – and you can go for a walk during the conversation. Fresh air cleanses your head, and with the extra exercise you keep your body and mind healthy.

2. Go for a walk to the sports unit

When we talk about walking, you should ideally plan a walk around the block (or two) at least once a day anyway. Even walking for 20 to 30 minutes can help improve overall fitness. And if you feel like doing something more, with a few simple hacks you can turn your walk into a little workout. Build lunges in between, increase the pace or go backwards. You can find even more inspiration for a sporty walk here:

Stairs instead of an elevator

This everyday tip is as simple as it is effective: Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking on stairs is a really good exercise island to stimulate and strengthen the cardiovascular system in between. Although it may require a little effort at first – you will quickly get used to the stairs and then automatically ignore the seductive elevator.

4. Deliberately plan hiking trails

Do you use public transport? Get off a station earlier and / or later! That way, it can easily go a few miles more into the daily balance. If you travel mainly by car, you can, for example, park a little further from your destination and walk a few steps more. If you make this a habit, you will automatically move more.

5. Move while watching TV

But you can also build in simple activity islands without leaving the house. Even while watching TV, you can do such a thing for your health. Instead of just lying on the couch while watching your favorite program, get some exercise. For example, if you have a treadmill or an exercise bike at home, you can go for a walk or bike while watching TV.

But even without special equipment, you can move around a bit: do a few simple Pilates or yoga exercises – either on the mat on the floor or even comfortably on the couch. With every movement, no matter how small, you can make a lasting contribution to your fitness and health.

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