Fit with Fire TV: The best fitness apps for the streaming stick


With Amazon Fire TV, you can also participate in fitness training and yoga classes at home without having to go to the gym. But how do you choose the best one among the many apps on offer?

Amazon’s Fire TV units can also serve as gym replacements. (Source: netzwelt)

  • Countless fitness apps with professionally managed programs are available through Fire TV.
  • Sorts apps on Amazon by customer rating when choosing to find the best ones.
  • Do not be fooled: Many apps are free, but the programs they contain are often only available to paying subscribers.

Four TVs instead of a gym: Sports and training under professional guidance are not only possible in the gym. Various apps for Amazon’s streaming platform FireTV provide access to countless workouts from body pump to yoga.

Here we explain what you need to be aware of when choosing the right app:

Huge selection, mediocre reviews

If you are looking for fitness apps for Fire TV, you will immediately be overwhelmed by an avalanche of more or less professionally designed offers. Many apps do not even reach an average rating of four stars.

If you search the range of fitness apps on Amazon in your browser, it's best to sort the results by customer ratings.

If you search the range of fitness apps on Amazon in your browser, it’s best to sort the results by customer ratings. (Source: © Netzwelt; collage: Richard W. Schaber)

A little tip: Sort search results when searching Amazon for customer reviews. After all, Amazon itself likes to sort moderately rated applications in focus under “Amazon Presents”.

These are the best rated fitness apps for Fire TV

  • Gymondo (large fitness provider with all-round offer)
  • Peloton (large fitness provider with all-round offers)
  • DDP Yoga Now (yoga fitness, nutrition counseling)
  • Fiton (yoga, pilates, cardio, strength training, dance and more)
  • Queen Warrior TV (Women’s Fitness)
  • Walkt at Home (Health movement)
  • Les Mills + (body pump, intensive fitness)
  • Sweat factor (yoga, pilates, cardio, strength training, kettlebell and more)
  • Chair Fitness Training (Sitting Fitness)
  • Virtual Walk Hike Run Outdoors (virtual jogging in nature)
  • Paul Eugene Fitness (Fitness for all ages)

Free app does not mean free app

Just because a Fire TV fitness app is free to download does not mean you can access the content of the app without paying. In fact, most well-stocked fitness offers cost money. There is then access to hundreds of videos with workouts, workout plans and sometimes even a data collection of your fitness efforts. This often requires a fitness tracker or smartwatch.

Basic versions of fitness apps can also be used without premium access from major providers like Gymondo, but they contain significantly fewer features. Other offerings like DDP Yoga have a trial period of one week.

DDP Yoga: Wrestling legend DDP takes shape on Fire TV

In the ring, Diamond Dallas Page struggled with the heaviest bites – in his wrestling retirement, he reinvented yoga as a way out of the TV chair for portly. And the successes of “DDP Yoga”, a variant of the Indian tradition that is exclusively reduced to sporting and gymnastic exercises, are quite impressive.

The all-round program for a healthier life is designed by the ex-wrestler and the TV star himself, and he also dances the exercises himself as a popping, robust motivating coach. Always there: The diamond cutter, the legendary symbol from the ring, built into the yoga training.

DDP Yoga is a phenomenon from the USA: Ex-wrestler and TV entertainer Diamond Dallas Page combines yoga, cooking tips and training plans - and also dances the exercises himself.

DDP Yoga is a phenomenon from the USA: Ex-wrestler and TV entertainer Diamond Dallas Page combines yoga, cooking tips and training plans – and also dances the exercises himself. (Source: © Netzwelt; collage: Richard W. Schaber)

However, like many other fitness apps, DDP Yoga is not free: if you want to use the more than 300 training videos and other features in the app, you need an account. For the latter, there is a discount of 20 per cent.

Apple Fitness + is not available

With Apple Fitness +, the tech giant from Cupertino has created its own interactive streaming service for fitness, healthy training and meditation. The guided training sessions from Pilates for strength training are of high quality, and the integration of the Apple Watch to record cardio activity works.

It’s just a shame that the Apple Fitness + app is not available on Fire TV or other third-party platforms: If you want to let the Apple trainers, some of whom laugh with a creepy smile, into your life, you’ll have to do this via an Apple- device like Apple TV.

Samsung announces fitness revolution

If you lack the admonishing fix of a trainer when it comes to fitness apps on Fire TV, the upcoming innovation on Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TV may be for you: It not only brings the workout into your living room, but also takes it from you Performance in the Crosshairs:

Posture and movement should not only be displayed on the TV screen via the camera on your smartphone for self-control: the app on the 8K TVs should also recognize when you are performing exercises incorrectly and give you corrective instructions – like a personal trainer.

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