FC Bayern in an emotional conflict after the tenth championship in a row: routine eats ecstasy

Jumping players, women in dirndlers handing out oversized wheat beer glasses, T-shirts and championship bowls in cardboard specially made for this moment. A scene with a déjà vu character, an image that has proven reliable at this time of year for a decade now.

FC Bayern are German champions for the tenth time in a row. There has never been so long a dominance in Europe’s top five leagues, Juventus Turin was close to the magic double digits in recent times with nine Scudetti in a row, but Inter Milan thwarted the white-black dreams last year.

To become champions only once – an achievement that Borussia Dortmund would like to have succeeded again. Instead, BVB had to experience up close how the unwelcome rival from the south once again put the oversized wheat beer glasses in place.


Reactions to the FC Bayern Championship: “The most honest title”


In the end, it was 1: 3 seen from the guests from the Ruhr area, but the big disappointment would not spread. If it had not happened on match day 31, it would have happened the following week.

Joy on the pitch, routine in the stands

The envy of the celebrations should not have been too great either. While a three-day, city-wide madness in Dortmund would have begun in the opposite constellation, the Bavarians wound up their traditional program. Singing with the southern curve, zigzagging to escape the beer storms and taking the obligatory round of honor. The whole thing is accompanied by “hits”, which have now presumably been stamped “no longer wearable” even on Ballermann.

Although Benjamin Pavard visibly spread fun, poured beer on anyone who got in his way, Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka repeatedly urged the spectators present to raise their hands and Thomas Müller whizzed around in his typical way, had an effect, the audience in many parts dull. , sometimes numb. Some left the stadium shortly after the final whistle.

Benjamin Pavard (left) and Thomas Müller

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One would think the main characters like Robert Lewandowski or Manuel Neuer that each championship has its own special status, one should marvel at the indomitable greed to equip the bulging trophy cabinet with a fresh toast every year – however, the willing observer is overcome by a certain fatigue in the rows.

Who can blame the consequences? When an event that is actually special becomes normal, it is no longer special, but routine. The championship is a consolation prize for Bayern, provided that the extraordinary, namely a triumph in the Champions League, does not succeed.

Nagelsmann: Next season? “Hopefully more successful”

A way of thinking that even Julian Nagelsmann, for whom it was the first championship victory of his career, conveys. “Maybe the pressure will be even greater next year,” he said at the press conference, adding, “Hopefully we get more success in two out of three competitions than this season.” He alluded to the early end of the DFB Cup (0: 5 in the second round in Mönchengladbach) and the Premier League against Villarreal a week and a half ago.

On goal: Julian Nagelsmann celebrates his first championship with FC Bayern Munich

Image credit: Imago

Nevertheless, it was noticeable to the 34-year-old that his masterpiece left him with anything but cold. Visibly commanded, he sat down in the press conference room, joking about his first beer shower (administered by Pavard, of course) and the resulting wet underpants, and talking about a very special moment. Skull debutants Dayot Upamecano and Marcel Sabitzer should not forget their first championship so quickly.

Routine eats ecstasy

Reaching the minimum goal in the first attempt as Bayern coach is decent, a “reasonable” end to the season that Müller found.

But not enough in the club’s self-image. It’s even more than that: Double, triple, quadruple. Figures that most clubs do not even dare dream of act as a driving force in the FCB cosmos.

If Nagelsmann, who signed a five-year contract this summer, actually fulfills his working paper or even stays longer, he will get used to the annual master’s procedure. Beer shower, tune in to the classic “German football champion FCB”, take a round of honor. Routine eventually eats into ecstasy.

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