Exit Skyliners after descending from BBL

VBefore this basketball season, after his entire 13th in Frankfurt, Quantez Robertson would have imagined the end of his career at Fraport Skyliners as follows: After two more years in the Bundesliga, the big emotional moment comes in May 2023. At the age of 38, the American steps in , who has risen to become a major identification figure after club icon Pascal Roller, down from the big stage to the cheers and applause of Hessian supporters in the ballroom.

As a sign of recognition for his exceptional performance, Robertson will have a special place in his workplace: the No. 23 jersey for the point guard and winger will hang next to the Rollers under the ceiling in the hall. Everyone will literally look up to him when they happily remember him.

At the moment, it’s just wishful thinking. Because something happened that hardly anyone could have imagined for Skyliners: For the first time in the club’s history, the German champions in 2004 have to say goodbye to the Bundesliga with relegation. The club from the metropolis Frankfurt joins Pro A, where the opponents will be Kirchheim, Schwenningen and Bochum.

“Someone we talk to”

And Robertson? The all-rounder does not have a second division contract in Skyliner’s service, but a “pure BBL contract”, according to CEO Yannick Binas. But that can change quickly. If club officials have their will, the captain must lead the new team one class down.

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“We want players who are passionate. Tez in particular is someone we want to talk to in detail,” Binas said. “We would certainly like Tez to have a dignified end to his career with us,” said Binas. The relegation is the exact opposite in sports life. the deserving model professional.

Robertson has not yet announced if and if so where he will continue his career. Given his age, it’s hard to imagine the 37-year-old having to change employers in the Bundesliga. Maybe the father of the family will return to the United States and take a new job there.

Lost in power

In this round, which ends eerily for the Skyliners on May 1 with the home game against Bayreuth, the longest-serving professional from Frankfurt was not the old man. Duracell Dino, who currently plays 445 first division games – only a handful of Bundesliga players still active are happy with more appearances – has lost a lot of power.

In the away game against Oldenburg last weekend, the captain only got a good 18 minutes from coach Luca Dalmonte – so the American played less than four years ago, when he was rested early in the defeat in Berlin due to the opponent’s superiority.

Robertson’s zero points in Oldenburg were also significant: he lost a lot of throwing power this year. At a distance, he only has a hit rate of 25.4 percent per game. His high level of commitment is unbroken. But Robertson can hardly tell the difference on the pitch. This time, his leadership and experience were not enough to keep the ranks close enough to remain in the class.

However, it also made the club’s personnel policy difficult. When Skyliners got too many players, they made a mistake in their assessment. Overall, the team lacked level and consistency.

Hoping for a wildcard

Now the Frankfurters have only hoped for a wildcard. Should the basketball league award one, the cup winner in 2000 would probably be the first choice. Because the league would be reluctant to do without the location in the heart of Europe. And Skyliners would probably prefer a wildcard after weighing all the costs.

Diving into sporting insignificance for at least one season is the worst option. Financially, the losses would be large. The Hessians would lack “a few hundred thousand euros in TV revenues” (main shareholder Gunnar Wöbke), and the sponsorship and ticket revenues in the premium class would be much higher.

On the other hand, there is the cost of a wildcard. Before this season, Giessen had to invest 350,000 euros to stay in the first division. Because the residents of central Hesse, who are to compete in Frankfurt this Sunday (15.00 on MagentaSport), are likely to relegate, they will no longer have to pay the second installment of 350,000 euros.

According to the current status, a Hessen derby in Pro A is quite possible in the coming season. It would be the first ever. Unless the back door opens to Frankfurt with wildcards. It would be in the spirit of Robertson who managed his 700th theft in Oldenburg. This is the top value on the digital Bundesliga rankings of ball thieves. For Robertson, however, it is a sad record considering relegation.

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