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Unterfoehring – get football expands its transmissions. ProSieben MAXX broadcasts a total of 13 matches in the newly formed European League of Football (ELF).

There are parallel broadcasts, other live games and highlights

Eight teams to start

The European League of Football starts its first season in June. A total of ten regular playing days as well as two semi-finals and the European League of Football Bowl as a final are on the schedule. In the opening season, eight teams from Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt, Hanover, Stuttgart, Barcelona and Wroclaw will compete.

The upcoming ELF transmissions

ELF bowl

Sunday, September 26:

14:30 in Düsseldorf: Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Hamburg Sea Devils live on ProSieben MAXX and

Schedule for ELF

Saturday 19 June:

18:00: Wroclaw Panthers vs. Cologne Centurions 55:39 (to the highlights)

19:00: Barcelona Dragons vs Stuttgart Surge 17:21 (to the highlights)

Sunday, June 20:

14:45: Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Frankfurt Galaxy 17:15 (to the highlights)

15.00: Berlin Thunder vs. Leipzig Knights 27:37

Saturday, June 26:

18:00: Wroclaw Panthers vs. Leipzig Kings 54:28 (to the highlights)

Sunday, June 27:

15:00: Cologne Centurions against Barcelona Dragons 40:12 (to the highlights)

15.00: Stuttgart Surge vs. Frankfurt Galaxy 20:42 (to the highlights)

Saturday, July 3:

19:00: Barcelona Dragons against Hamburg Sea Devils 14:32 (to the highlights)

Sunday, July 4:

15:00: Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Wroclaw Panthers 22:13 (to the highlights)

15.00: Leipzig Kings vs. Cologne Centurions 47:48 (to the highlights)

15.00: Berlin Thunder vs. Stuttgart Surge 40:19

Sunday, July 11:

15:00: Cologne Centurions vs. Frankfurt Galaxy 20:41

15.00: Stuttgart Surge vs. Leipzig Kings 24:21 (to the highlights)

18.00: Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Berlin Thunder 44: 6 (to the highlights)

Saturday, July 17:

18.00: Frankfurt Galaxy vs Barcelona Dragons 42:22 (to the highlights)

Sunday, July 18:

15:00: Berlin Thunder vs. Wroclaw Panthers 26:45 (to the highlights)

15.00: Leipzig Kings vs. Hamburg Sea Devils 0:55 (for highlights)

Saturday, July 24:

19:00: Barcelona Dragons vs. Berlin Thunder 48:16 (to the highlights)

Sunday, July 25:

15:00: Stuttgart Surge vs. Cologne Centurions 23:39 (to the highlights)

Saturday, July 31:

15:00: Cologne Centurions vs. Wroclaw Panthers 33:31 (to the highlights)

18:00: Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Barcelona Dragons 22:17 (to the highlights)

Sunday, August 1:

15.00: Leipzig Kings vs. Berlin Thunder 37:24 (to the highlights)

15.00: Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Stuttgart Surge 57: 3 (for the highlights)

Saturday, August 7:

18.55 – Barcelona Dragons vs Cologne Centurions 60:51 (to the highlights)

Sunday, August 8:

14:45 – Frankfurt Galaxy vs Hamburg Sea Devils 35: 9 (to the highlights)

Saturday, August 14:

12:55 – Berlin Thunder vs Hamburg Sea Devils 20:28 (to the highlights)

Sunday, August 15:

14:45 – Wroclaw Panthers vs Frankfurt Galaxy 7:36 (to the highlights)

Saturday, August 21:

14:55 – Cologne Centurions vs. Leipzig Kings 24:42 (to the highlights)

Sunday, August 22:

14:45 – Hamburg Sea Devils vs Wroclaw Panthers 24:30 (to the highlights)

Saturday, August 28:

18:55 – Barcelona Dragons vs Frankfurt Galaxy 14:22 (to the highlights)

Sunday, August 29:

14:45: Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Leipzig Kings 17:18 (to the highlights)

Sunday, September 5:

14:30: Leipzig Kings vs. Wroclaw Panthers 13:21 (to the highlights)

14:55: Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Cologne Centurions 45: 7 (to the highlights)

Saturday, September 11:

14:45: Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Cologne Centurions 36: 6 (to the highlights)

Sunday, September 12:

14:45: Hamburg Sea Devils vs. Wroclaw Panthers 30:27 (to the highlights)

The complete ELF schedule on

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