DA Baskets is investing – and wants to go to the Bundesliga

Together with SW Basket’s Wuppertal, Schwelm would like to become a Bundesliga basketball player. It’s behind the clubs’ plans.

It should be nothing less than the starting signal for a new era. Of basketball in smoldering goes a new way in the future and pursues ambitious goals. In collaboration with Southwest Baskets Wuppertal want them RE Sulfur and EN Curve Sulfur from the upcoming season a separate youth team in highest German U16 division (JBBL) bring. A noble goal for basketball in the district capital – one that will ensure lasting effects for the sport in Schwelm and the entire region.

Everyone brings something

The two clubs from Wuppertal and Schwelm want to work together in the future to be able to offer young basketball players in the region their sport at the highest level. “Both clubs complement each other really well, so a collaboration makes sense for both sides,” he says Omar Rahim, CEO of EN Baskets Schwelm. While Wuppertal performs a very careful youth work and in all youth classes, men and women, is sometimes occupied by two teams, Schwelmer brings with him the structures of a professional team. In addition to these structures, Schwelmer brings basketball players a great deal of expertise within school groups, which run EN Baskets at many schools in all towns in the southern Ennepe-Ruhr district.

The collaboration between SW Baskets Wuppertal and EN Baskets Schwelm is not entirely new. Already in October 2020, the two clubs agreed on a cooperation agreement, which could not yet be filled with life due to the corona pandemic. The first license for a team in the youth basketball league was also applied for in 2021, but the first application did not materialize – a corona-compatible regulation takes into account and prioritizes this year’s qualifiers 2020. This year, however, the two clubs want one makes a new attempt to bring a U16 team into the top division.

Three coaches and an active player as a coach

There has never been a comparable project in Schwelm basketball. There are currently about 40 players available to apply to the joint collaborative team. Since this week, together under the leadership of Maximilian Steeb, Sven Tomanek (SW Baskets Wuppertal) with support from Sixpence Cozane and Henrik Jeske educated. In the coming weeks, a basic structure for the upcoming JBBL team will be built in additional units.

The qualifiers are scheduled for May. “I can well imagine that this team has a good chance of qualifying for JBBL,” says the ProB coach. Falk Møller. The coach of EN Baskets has been with Maximilian Steeb in the youth field for many years Phoenix Hagen active and trained Hagen teams in JBBL.

However, cooperation should not be limited to the common U16. “We want to gradually expand it all,” says Omar Rahim. He and the other officials still keep secret what name the two clubs will cooperate under.

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