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Of: Christina Meyer, Laura Felbinger


From December 8, there will be a 2G access control in retail. We spoke with Miriam O’Farrell from American Vintage. © Achim Schmidt

If you are going on a Christmas trip, you must now have your vaccination certificate in addition to a mask and purse. The stricter corona rules come into force in Bavaria on Wednesday.

Munich – shop only with vaccination cards – the 2G rule will apply in retail from Wednesday. From now on, only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered will be allowed to stroll here. Only in stores for daily needs there are no restrictions – in addition to the food trade, these include liquor markets, health food stores, specialty markets for babies, pharmacies, bookstores, shoe stores, drug stores, pharmacies, opticians and Christmas tree sales. The Munich shops are prepared – but expectations are low. “We have in-store tablet computers that we use to scan the certificates,” said Miriam O’Farrell, head of the American Vintage store at Glockenbachviertel. “Customers already know that they have to provide proof. Nevertheless, I expect even fewer to come. ”

Nikolaus Meyer (55), owner of the shoe store “Morgantini”, also expects further significant losses in sales. “The last emergency brake was a total disaster for us, it slowed us down completely, and sometimes we only had two customers a day. They just do not appreciate being checked.” It would be difficult for him to be checked: “We are often in the warehouse and should actually have a bouncer on duty, which of course is not possible.” There is already a long way to go. fewer customers: “And they are annoyed, impatient, frustrated.”

The police and KVR will carry out visual inspections to ensure compliance with the new rules

Police officers and employees of the District Administration (KVR) will conduct visual inspections to ensure compliance with the new rules. “The focus of public control is whether the retail trade creates appropriate framework conditions for compliance with the rules for infection control,” explains a spokeswoman for the district administration (KVR). “Of course, the municipal field service is present in its area of ​​responsibility and controls from case to case.” Police will “move forward with tact, but consistently,” spokesman Werner Kraus said. There should be no additional officials for control at the moment. Around 1,000 patrol officers are on duty in the urban area every day.

In the leisure sector, 2G-plus has been around for a long time – this means that only those who have been vaccinated or have recovered and can show a current negative test result come to gyms, museums or zoos. In many facilities, guests stay away – with catastrophic consequences. “We have massive sales declines, only about half of our customers come to us,” says Osman Schenk (48), CEO of the “SoulPlus” gym at Candidplatz. In addition to proof of vaccination, his staff must now also check the test certificate – customers take the test either in a test center or under supervision in a separate area in front of the studio. “Still, it’s too much for many customers to get tested specifically for the gym.” He hopes the Corona issue will finally go in a different direction at some point: “Economically, it’s a disaster right now. Compared to 2019, our annual sales have dropped by 56 percent – and jobs are linked to it.”

It was decided on Wednesday: From January, children from the first birthday in the day care institution must prove a test three times a week. A test taken in the day care institution is accepted, as is the credible assurance of a self-test. PCR pool tests are also possible if the carriers offer this, said head of the State Chancellery Florian Herrmann (CSU). The draft from the Ministry of Social Affairs is still being prepared.

Petra Vogler, head of the Catholic kindergarten St. Klara in Zamdorf: “We are definitely in favor of children being tested – in our opinion it is too late. However, the staff can not perform the tests under any circumstances. ” There is no capacity for that, and the logistical effort is too great. The provider can only decide how the mandatory test should be implemented in the kindergarten when accurate information is available from the state government.

The education association GEW also criticizes the “too late introduction of the compulsory coronate test for day care institutions”. Pool tests are unthinkable, partly due to the current congestion of the laboratories. GEW Vice Gerd Schnellinger: “Kindergarten children could certainly perform daily self-tests themselves. But help is needed for children in nurseries. ” The staff in day care institutions do not have time for that. GEW also demands that day care institutions be exempted from administering the tests. cmy

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce warns against making it too difficult for companies

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) warns against making it too difficult for companies. For example, customers with booster vaccinations should be allowed to visit fitness or solar cell studies without further testing, demands IHK Director General Manfred Gößl. For retailers in downtown and inner cities, it brings simplified access options into play. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, customers only had to show their 2G status at one point and then received a bracelet as proof that they had to visit other stores the same day without being checked again.

The 2G-plus rule has also been in force at the Deutsches Museum since November 24 – the number of visitors here has halved since then. Recording takes place in two steps: Before entering the museum, vaccination certificates, convalescence certificates, test certificates and ID documents are checked in the blue container in the museum yard. The visitors get a stamp here, which is then presented together with the entrance ticket in the museum’s entrance hall. “In November, we had about 32,000 visitors on the island, in the traffic center 6200, in Flugwerft 4300 – that’s about half of the visitors we had before Corona,” says spokeswoman Kristina Hoheneder. “Of course an almost empty house compared to the time before Corona hurts. Still, we hope that significantly more will come to us again during the Christmas holidays. ” BY CHRISTINA MEYER AND LAURA FELBINGER * / muenchen is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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