Corona in Bavaria: Outdoor fitness trainer desperate for 2G plus

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Of: Tanya Kipke


Patrick L. runs an outdoor fitness center with outdoor courses in Bavaria. He resents the 2G plus regulation. © Private

The 2G plus rule currently applies in the sports sector, but you do not need a negative test in the restaurant. A fitness trainer is angry at government decisions.

Aschaffenburg – Patrick L. has run an outdoor gym in Aschaffenburg since 2013. The training takes place in small groups in the fresh air – contact-free and with the necessary safety distance. The 2G plus rule has been in force in gyms and sports facilities as well as in practical sports training for a good week. Means: In addition to the vaccinated or recovered evidence, you must also have a negative coronal test. Patrick’s outdoor courts are also affected by this rule. However, the fact that the 2G rule is sufficient in restaurants and ski areas arouses dissatisfaction among the trained fitness trainer. “It’s not fair and incomprehensible,” he complains in an interview

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Bavarian outdoor fitness center with 2G-plus rule: Operator complains of “pointless measures”

“It’s a difficult situation for us, we do not feel we have been treated fairly,” Patrick reports. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the “partially meaningless measures” have been disadvantaged. Last year, the beer garden was allowed to be filled. “And I was only allowed to play sports outside with 5 people. We did not understand that at the time. ” In his opinion, the situation has not improved this winter, as 2G-plus now applies in the sports area, but only 2G in the indoor area of ​​the catering industry. “It makes us angry.” The new regulation completely surprised the operators of outdoor gym last week: “The decision came more or less from one day to the next”.

Patrick L. runs an outdoor fitness center with outdoor training in Bavaria.  He resents the 2G plus regulation.
Patrick’s outdoor workouts take place both winter and summer. © Private

Patrick explains that he had to cancel the training for four days because he and his partner could not inform all members so quickly. Then came the first layoffs. Some clients who have been vaccinated twice will also not see it as a test in advance and will therefore prefer to pause the contract. Also the unvaccinated would be eliminated. “We’re fighting for our company’s survival right now,” Patrick says. He fears that the intensified measures will continue until March. The “normal” distance and hygiene rules could easily be observed on the outdoor courts, Patrick explains “You have to kiss someone to get infected.”

2G-plus rule: cable cars in ski areas will soon be 2G again – fitness trainer complains about “lobbying”

For the ski areas, the state government had actually decided on a 2G-plus rule in gondolas and cable cars. This regulation should fall again on Saturday after numerous protests from the tourism industry. “There’s the lobby behind it again,” Patrick explains the decision. “Justice is the problem for me.” It is now proven that the transmission indoors is much higher than outdoors. “My concern is that politicians see that relatively little can happen in the open air. The aerosol scientists have also proven that, “he says angrily.

Ministry of Health justifies regulation with “highly contagious Delta variant”

On request from To the Ministry of Health, why the 2G-plus rule also applies to outdoor areas, a ministerial spokeswoman said: “In light of the deteriorating infection situation and the highly contagious Delta variant, which did not exist last year, the mentioned restrictions also apply outdoors. necessary.” Aerosol emissions are particularly high when playing sports, and this also applies outdoors, the spokeswoman explains. “Special care must also be taken with regard to the new Omikron variant.” It is still unknown how long the 2G-plus rule will remain in place in the sports sector. The government wants to discuss the current measures again by 15 December. (tkip)

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