Consumer Center doubts the new rule of the fitness chain – “will definitely end up in court”

  • McFit suddenly raises prices significantly – even with current contracts
  • members of the exercise chain must accept the change
  • “We consider critical”: Consumer advice is strongly in doubt about the legality
  • Also price increase even according to consumer advocates “questionable”

The familiar Gymnastics chain McFit from Schlüsselfeld (Bamberg district) had only in early April with a sudden price increase created many problems for many members. Just a few days earlier, in the last week of March, McFit had announced Rates for new and existing customers from 19.90 euros to 24.90 euros to increase. The reason is “the pandemic and its effects on the economy,” it said. Now you worry new rule for approval for further criticism on the chain.

McFit gets approval for price increase via turntable – “quite uncomplicated”

Members received one this week another email from McFit“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty, because this step enables us to continue to offer a sporty home to Germany’s largest fitness community,” it says.

“For the planned However, we need your consent to adjust the premium“McFit continues.” You can simply do that to our customer service turn or pass easily through our counting cross on your next visit to the studio. Also note the on-site instructions in your studio, ”the chain writes.

Unless the member disagree must be, “before your next visit to the studio, please contact our Customer service also in case of questions about a possible refund“, it says. At Consumer Center Bavaria this method raises some questions, unlike a spokeswoman explained.

Drastic price increase at McFit – consumer advocates with clear judgment

It begins with price increase himself. “That McFit’s Terms and Conditions only provide for a price increase if VAT is increased, “the spokeswoman said. Civil Code (BGB) en “customization optionbut it is doubtful whether the arguments put forward here justify the price increases“explains the spokeswoman.

If this is the case, McFit absolutely needs members’ approval, because then it is “not a unilateral increase”. that Approval via turnstile “we consider critical”, according to the Consumer Center. “It is difficult if that is the case quietly is possible. Because it could also be that the e-mail does not reach the member at all, or that it is overlooked. ”

The fact that McFit placed the notices directly on the turnstiles Have. “Two things are actually connected nothing to do with each other has, namely Access to the gym and agreement to change the contract“, says the spokeswoman. One must” be active not to agree, “reads the criticism from the consumer protection adviser.

“Father aftertaste”: McFit members can still do it now – a risk remains

That is the opinion of consumer advice “It has to end in court“Then they had to decide whether McFit acted lawfully Have. “It definitely is it is recommended to inform customer service that you do not agreesaid the spokeswoman.

But it also means taking the risk “it McFit terminated the contract in responseHere, too, “unresolved legal issues” remained, such as whether suchto legally justify extraordinary termination for a period maybe. “Having to do all this ultimately courts decide, ”the spokeswoman explains. So if you want to keep your contract for nowhas ultimately little room to maneuver to continue paying the original price.

that McFit’s method has an “old aftertaste”can be found in Consumer Center Bavaria. “You try a little bit to push it all on and move it to side shows.”

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