BG Göttingen: Haris Hujic already had a basketball hoop in the cot

Haris Hujic prefers curry dishes and likes the many Asian restaurants in Göttingen, but the Bundesliga basketball player from BG Göttingen has not yet spent a holiday in Asia. “Bali and especially Japan are at the top of my list,” said the 24-year-old, who before the season moved to southern Lower Saxony from Bayer Giants Leverkusen.


Hujic and his family’s favorite holiday destinations are Bosnia and the nearby Croatian coast. His parents both come from the former Yugoslavia but left their homeland due to the war. His mother came to Germany at the age of 14, his father “in his early 20s”. “They only got to know each other here,” says Haris Hujic, whose first name is not at all unusual. ‘Haris is as common in Bosnia as Lukas’s in Germany. And my friend Constanze, who is studying in Latvia, has just sent me a picture showing that Harry Potter is called Haris in Lithuanian, ”says the basketball player, who grew up bilingual and speaks fluent Serbo-Croatian in addition to German.

“Before I could go, I could throw”

His father, a basketball player, co-founded a club in Lüdenscheid, where the BG newcomer was born. “Before I could go, I could throw, I had a basket in my crib,” the guard tells of his first days. At the age of four, he went to club training for the first time. “It was always clear that I wanted to play basketball because I liked it. I also had the chance to try other sports,” says Hujic. He went to tennis camp, played football with his friends and sometimes played volleyball in the summer. “But I had my friends in basketball. It’s also the only club sport I’ve played in. “

Because Hujic has always played with older players, he has evolved rapidly. “I did not think about being a professional, I always played for fun and enjoyed the time. So one led to the other.” As a placement for the federal leagues in the youth field, Hagen offered himself as a club for basketball players. He was able to play basketball close to home and also became MVP there during his time in the NBBL. “It was perfect for me, I had 15 minutes driving time. “

After graduating from high school, Hujic signed a three-year contract in Nuremberg, left the club after a year and moved to Oldenburg, where he stayed for three years and also made his first short appearances in the Bundesliga. From there he went to Rostock, but the match was canceled due to the corona, so he moved to Leverkusen, played a strong season with the Bayer Giants and even reached the final of the ProA, which would have been enough to move up. The club did not take advantage of this opportunity because the structures are lacking. “They are currently in a state of upheaval, so there is a lack of a lot of people working in the background.”

The decision for BG Göttingen was not only made because the team plays in the first division. It was important for Hujic to find a team, “where I feel valued and where I can play and not just sit on the bench. I agreed with the coaches but also with myself, if it had not gone like this, I was not come to Göttingen, “says the guard, who sees his strengths in throwing from a distance and distributing the balls to his teammates. He is in constant contact with the coaches and wants to develop a little,” grow into a role and maybe grow out of it , when everything falls perfectly “.

“I feel really comfortable in the city”

He feels at BG and “extremely good in the city with its many winding streets”. He also likes that so many young people live here. ” He likes to go out and eat with the “boys” in town, which is good for the team structure. He does not let anything get to his teammates: “They are not selfish, everyone is happy for the other. The most important thing is that the team wins.”

In light of the uneven start with defeats in the first league match and in the MagentaSport BBL Cup, Hujic, who then had to take a break in the victory against Telekom Baskets Bonn due to muscle problems, was in no way worried. “Maybe it was precisely these defeats that helped us, it will at least not be until December or January,” says the professional, who in the meantime has started distance learning in business and computer science. “I do it little by little next door, it helps me a lot for the sport and to switch off. It is also important for me not only to see balls but also to see numbers. You do not end up getting lost in such a tunnel. “

BG welcomes Ludwigsburg

BG Göttingen welcomes Ludwigsburg on Saturday at Personalized individual tickets for the match are available from the Tageblatt offices in Göttingen (Wiesenstrasse 1) and Duderstadt (Marktstrasse 9) and in BG Göttingen’s online ticket shop. Only vaccinated or healthy people have access. Children and young people up to the age of 18 are admitted without proof, but they must all have a ticket.

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