Bavaria: 2G rule in gyms – spontaneous termination not possible

Bavaria’s hospital traffic lights have been red since November 9, 2021. The result: The new 2G rule has been in force in Bavarian fitness studios ever since. Only the vaccinated and the healthy have access to the study. Access to the unvaccinated is strictly prohibited. The exception is students under the age of 18, who are regularly tested in their school. According to the cabinet decision, an exception applies to them – but only until the end of the year. asked the major fitness chains McFIT, clever fit and Mrs.Sporty what they think about the exclusion of their unvaccinated members.

McFIT: Unvaccinated members can pause contract – online solution is planned

to McFIT, Europe’s market leader in fitness, says the well-being of its customers and staff is paramount. “The health of our members and students is McFIT’s top priority,” said company spokesman Pierre Geisensetter With. He reacts pragmatically to the intensified corona measures. “As prescribed by the state regulation, the 2G regulation is now part of our protection and hygiene concept in the studios.”

Unvaccinated McFIT members who are currently unable to train on site due to the new rule have the option to suspend their contract. “We are also currently working on an online solution to offer training under digital guidance in your own four walls in an uncomplicated way,” Geisensetter announces. A free online offer is therefore planned for customers in the gym chain.

“Still, it’s not getting any easier for the fitness industry,” the McFIT spokesman said. The Corona pandemic hit the entire industry hard. “For anyone coming out of the crisis, it will remain a feat of strength for a long time to get back on financially stable feet.”

Smart fit: Terminations due to Corona rules are not legally effective

Smart fit runs gyms in several places in Franconia. The company is reacting pragmatically to the new 2G rule. Corona initiatives are generally not evaluated with smart fit, says PR and press manager Christiane Enzelberger With. “These are official orders that we strongly urge our franchisees to abide by.” The smart-fit studios are managed independently by the owners. “Ultimately, as self-employed entrepreneurs, they are responsible for infringements”explains Enzelberger.

With a view to the intensified corona measures, she states: “We must now try to operate damage limitation.” The press officer talks about a wide range of interests “all of which must be taken into account in some way”. In reality, however, it goes hand in hand with “strong friction losses”. Although there is currently a ban on unvaccinated people entering the gym due to the 2G rule, the members of the smart spokeswoman can not terminate their membership immediately for this reason alone. “Terminations that refer to these rules are not legally effective,” Enzelberger explains.

Members could only terminate in accordance with the contractually agreed deadlines. The rationale: “It is not us who decide on the admission requirements, it is a requirement of a higher authority that we, like our members, must comply with.” According to the press officer However, Clever fit recommends its study operators to let the memberships rest at the request of the member as a gesture of goodwill, whose access is not possible due to the current rules. “Implementation is also the responsibility of the franchisees,” says Enzelberger.

Mrs.Sporty offers phone calls and online training

According to her own statement, the female fitness chain Mrs.Sporty also understands the measures in light of the high incidence in Bavaria. These will also be implemented accordingly in the clubs. “However, we ask that you always keep in mind that we as a gym operator can make a preventive contribution with our range of training courses to reduce or avoid common diseases such as cardiovascular disease or back problems,” emphasizes Kerstin Kolata, fitness. expert and head of product development at Mrs.Sporty.

“Even after the first lockdown, some members reported suffering from back pain again.” Although Mrs.Sporty offers online training, many members still need the atmosphere and motivation of the teachers in the studio. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have implemented safety concepts and hygiene measures that can be easily implemented and controlled in Mrs.Sporty’s small boutique clubs,” points out Kolata. “Therefore, in terms of the relevance of regular training at present, we are again in favor of a differentiated risk assessment.”

So far, however, there have been no negative reactions from unvaccinated customers to the 2G regulation. Mrs.Sporty is also currently focusing on alternative offers: “So that members who are currently not allowed to train at the club can still stay on the ball, we support them with a telephone conversation with the coach and training via the online platform [email protected] At the women’s fitness chain, it is assumed that hybrid training concepts will prevail after the pandemic, where members can flexibly decide whether they want to train at home or in the club.

Meanwhile, the corona situation in the Frankish hospitals is more tense than ever. The clinics in Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen, Forchheim and Bamberg are on the border.

This article is written by Ralf Welz