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Rodrigo Pastore is rarely so ready after a match for his team. “The second half was our weakest performance so far this season. We have to decide if we want to play as a team or just as individuals. The answer can only be team basketball. Otherwise we have no chance against anyone,” said Niners Chemnitz coach after 68:77 (43:34) home defeat in the basketball Bundesliga against Löwen from Braunschweig.

After qualifying for the playoffs on Wednesday, his team announced a new goal for the season: For the remaining four games, it was to get used to the game and possibly become number four. The Chemnitz team would initially have home rights in the playoffs. But it was not until the middle of the second quarter, when the Niners led by 15 points, that the will to reach that goal was clear. After that, 3825 spectators saw a home team that lacked everything that previously characterized them. Individual actions instead of ball relays, 19 ball losses, multiple misses. Braunschweig did not even have to shine to win shortly after their stay in Chemnitz.

Niners captain Malte Ziegenhagen made headlines when he announced on social media a few hours before the match that he would stop in Chemnitz after the end of the season. The 31-year-old has played for the Niners since 2016, but recently he often did not go beyond the role of reservist. In the mess, he was celebrated by the fans despite the defeat.

Statistics niners: Mike (17), Weidemann (11), Massenat (11), Richter (9), Susinskas (8), Washington (5), Lockett (4), Atkins (2), Ziegenhagen (1)

Comment: Not helpful

By Thomas Reibetanz

We over me – marriage is more important than the ego. This is one of the most important principles for Niner’s coach Rodrigo Pastore. That one of his players, even the captain, attracted media attention and applause from fans in the arena by announcing his departure after the season on social media a few hours before a home game, is definitely not appropriate.

The action was certainly not the main reason for the Niners’ defeat against Braunschweig – but it was by no means helpful. In the midst of the sporting best phase of the Chemnitz basketball club, the relationship between coach and captain seems to be cooling off more and more. Nobody needs it right now. Not Ziegenhagen, who has great merits for the club. And certainly not the team.

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