Basketball Bundesliga: BG Göttingen with a new guard at Basketball Löwen Braunschweig

It’s one of the matches that sports fans generally look forward to, and not just because it’s a derby: When BG Göttingen play the Basketball Bundesliga on Sunday at 3pm on Basketball Löwen Braunschweig, the handle in case of violets must be after 6pm. dry periods in the last couple of games and the shock of injury to top scorer Kamar Baldwin. “It’s time to show a reaction,” assistant coach Olivier Foucart said.


The violet fans are also eagerly awaiting the premiere of Baldwin’s replacement Jeremiah Martin in the BG shirt. However, head coach Roel Moors dampened expectations on Friday: “He only participated in one training session. It’s hard to say anything about it. “The 25-year-old is fit,” but of course he hasn’t played in six weeks, you can tell. We need to give him time and explain to him what he needs in his role. Replacing Kamar is not that easy. “

A system change is out of the question for the Moors

It’s also clear that Moors will not change his BG style of play due to Baldwin’s injury. “Changing the system so late in the season is difficult, so it’s important for Jeremiah to step into Kamar’s role as soon as possible. It does not happen overnight, it has to stick together, the team has to grow again,” says the head coach.

Mathis Mönninghoff, who has torn a ligament, is getting better every day, but one task is out of the question: “He does not even walk,” says Moors. Mönninghoff is a valuable player for the team, but there is no point in complaining: “Harper Kamp’s absence also hurt. You just have to deal with it.”

Pictures from the match against Würzburg:

BG Göttingen conceded the third defeat in a row against s.Oliver Würzburg.

© Swen Gatekeeper

The other side is how the team handles the injury to star Baldwin. “It’s a difficult situation and the mood is strange, a little different than usual,” the Belgian reports. “We must now try to get the players back in the same direction.”

Therefore, Moors ordered the team to take a short break after the sober defeat against Würzburg – the players should clear their heads. “It was about them having to recover mentally. Then we trained well. ”

When Moors talks about the “same direction” he will take the team in, he means a return to the successful BG match that the team played for much of the season. “I want the players to have the same idea. We missed that a bit in recent games,” he says.

It is important to win against Braunschweig, “not only for the table but also for the mental side,” Moors emphasizes. That it is a prestigious derby is more of a side note for the coach: “Every match is important to us.”

The lions are no strangers to staff worries either

Braunschweig is a good team “that beat us twice” – in the BBL Cup and in the first match. But the Lions are no strangers to staff worries either, and in that respect, the game is an exciting affair. In fact, captain Robin Amaize has been absent since December, recently German national team player David Kramer and points guard Tookie Brown, who is among the four most effective players in Löwen, also had to pass. The current table thirteenth is a team “that works very well together and can be unpredictable,” warns assistant coach Foucart.

Reaching the playoffs is still the season’s big goal, and that does not change Baldwin’s injury, Moors explains. “It was also difficult with Kamar because we were never favorites on it. But that is still our goal, because it is not my style to give in now – even with the risk of being disappointed in the end,” he says. has become a little harder, but anything is still possible. ” However, the precondition is “first and foremost that we believe in each other again,” says Foucart.

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