Basketball Bundesliga: BG Göttingen must bow in Crunchtime Telekom Baskets Bonn

Basketball Bundesliga club BG Göttingen made it exciting again in the away match against the table leaders Telekom Baskets Bonn – and lost this time in a pinch: The Violets lost in front of 5620 spectators in the Telekom Dome with 76:78 (28:42).


Compared to the first match, the teams played without their go-to guys – Bonn without Parker Jackson-Cartwright, BG without Kamar Baldwin, who had excelled with 27 points in BG’s 90-81 victory in Sparkassen-Arena. But the newly signed Javontae Hawkins and Jeremiah Martin (average 21 points per game until the game in Bonn) are also doing well at the moment, so this duel was eagerly awaited.

Jake Toolson was again absent on the Göttingen side (after the effects of a concussion), but captain Akeem Vargas, who twisted his ankle during training, was able to play. “We will give everything and leave everything on the field,” Mathis Mönninghoff promised before the match.

Bonn appears at first with a very broad chest

Martin put BG in the lead, but most recently when Oleksandr Lypovyy and Saulius Kulvietis scored their threes to 14: 6 for Bonn, the Baskets had given their current form a business card. The hosts played with a very wide chest, offensively flexible and with a fast rotation as well as fast and high passes under the basket. After 21:11 and Bonn’s first ten-point lead through Lypovyy, BG head coach Roel Moors called time-out (8th).

Telekom Baskets Bonn – BG Goettingen, BBL 2021/22

Telekom Baskets Bonn – BG Goettingen, BBL 2021/22

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Only when Big Man Philipp Hartwich came in did calm fall under the BG curve. The 2.18 meter giant got off to a good start and also literally kept an overview in the offensive – later, however, he slipped back into the well-known error problems and weaknesses. Nevertheless, the first quarter break was 14:24 behind, also because two three-point attempts by Harald Frey really failed.

In the second quarter, Stephen Brown reduced the lead to 20:28 – and thus marked the first BG points, which were not scored by Martin or Harper Kamp (13th). This was also related to problems in the three-pointer, because at that time the violets had only converted one out of nine attempts.

Violet collects offenses after opposing penalty throws

What happened next made the Moors furious, and rightly so: After opposing attempts from the line, the judges, who sometimes whistled small, repeatedly decided on free throws to the baskets, and suddenly BG was behind 22:37 (17th). After a dispute between Hartwich and Michael Kessens, who both admitted a technical error, the Violets went into the break with a 28:42 pledge.

But BG would not be the BG of the season if they had not tried everything again – and then the Bonn spectators did not believe their own eyes as the violins blew to catch up at the beginning of the third round: Match reduced deficit for the first time at 33 : 43 back to ten points (23rd), Martin scored a quick break to 37:44, and Jeff Roberson made it 40:44 for three (25th) – Baskets time-out.

votes on the game

Roel Moors (head coach BG Goettingen): “Today I only saw BG Göttingen for 20 minutes. It is not enough against a strong opponent who is trained really well. We did not play in our identity in the first half, not offensively, but above all not defensively. It looked like we were not scouting. We did not respect the individual quality of the opponent. In the second half, it could have tipped in our direction, but it was not quite enough. But I can not accept how we played in the first half. “

Tuomas Iisalo (Head Coach Telekom Baskets Bonn): “I’m super proud of how our boys have overcome these challenges over the last few weeks. There were never any excuses. Every player and coach tried to find solutions in this situation – and that could be seen at the end of the day. We were in a big hole and then we found a way.As in previous matches it speaks for the character of the team.I am not 100 percent sure but I think the club record was 24 wins in a season and today celebrated “our 25th victory. This team goes down in the history of the club as something special. The connection this team has with the fans and the whole city is also special. I’m really happy to train these guys in this atmosphere.”

The time-out was of little use, for after an unsportsmanlike mistake by Hawkins against Martin and two successful free throws, first Frey scored and then Roberson, who first snatched the rebound and then netted for three to give the Violets a 47:46 lead. (27th minute). .). Shortly after, Nate Grimes lowered a three-pointer to 50:48. The Bonn team went into the final round with a lead of 58:56.

Brown equalized with 34.7 seconds left

In the last round, the violins presented themselves stable, but at the same time had bad problems with the Big Men. After Leon scratched at the baskets, BGer Hartwich, who had recently clogged, was the first to leave the floor (35th). The visitors continued to play well, for example Brown’s difficult three-pointers to lead 69:65 (36th). But Bonners remained in the form of Kulvietis, who accounted for three.

As so often in previous games, it was a close affair, and Hawkins initially put the hosts ahead with five points in a row, including one “and one”, with 76:71 (39th). But on the other hand, Martin also pulled the error on the layup to 74:76. Two successful free throws later equalized Brown – 34.7 seconds before the end.

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Karsten Tadda put the ball in the trap for 78:76, and the last attack belonged to BG with 15.8 seconds left. Frey took responsibility, but not for Drei, and was wrong – again Göttingen unfortunately lost. – Best Thrower BG: Brown (21), Kamp (20), Martin (16), Roberson (10).

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