Assen, round 2: collision between Rea & Razgatlioglu / Superbike World Championship

Because Toprak Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) and Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) fell after contact, Álvaro Bautista (Ducati) got an undisputed victory in the second Superbike race in Assen. The podium for Honda, BMW in 6th place.

The second round of the Superbike World Championship in Assen marked the end of the second season competition of the short series world championship in 2022 – it was to be a memorable race.

Assen’s starting grid matched the result of the Superpole race in the first three rows. The front row thus consisted of Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki), Toprak Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) and Álvaro Bautista (Ducati). In row 2 were Andrea Locatelli (Yamaha), Iker Lecuona (Honda) and Loris Baz (BMW). From 10th place on the grid, the Superpole ranking is used. For Philipp Öttl (Ducati), it meant starting position 12 in the fourth row.

As in the first race, the majority of riders opted for the soft SCX racing tire.

The expected three-way match between Rea, Razgatlioglu and Bautista initially developed at the top. But on the 6th lap, the Yamaha rider missed the ideal line in a curve and touched Rea on the inside when he returned. Both crashed and Álvaro Bautista ran a lone race from then until the victory.

That was not the only failure. In the first two laps, Loris Baz (BMW), Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha), Philipp Öttl (Ducati) and Kohta Nozane (Yamaha) dropped out.

Andrea Locatelli (Yamaha) took advantage of the rare opportunity that two top pilots are out of the race for second place, which he had honestly earned after a long lap duel with Iker Lecuona (Honda). The Spaniard, in third place, gave Honda its first podium in the Superbike World Championship 2022.

After Bonovo’s action driver Loris Baz fell early, Scott Redding took over the role of the best BMW driver in fifth place. The Englishman fought at eye level with Axel Bassani (6./Ducati) and Alex Lowes (4./Kawasaki).

The race of Michael van der (BMW) in 8th place was also very brave.

This is how the race went

Start: Razgatlioglu in front of Locatelli and Bautista in the first corner. Then Lecuona and Rea. Autumn Nozane.

Round 1: Razgatlioglu further up, Rea almost crashes into Lecuona in the harassment. Öttl in place 22. Gerloff smoked out after contact.

Round 2: Razgatlioglu ahead of Bautista and Locatelli. Rea (4.) now past Lecuona (5.). Fall of Öttl and Baz.

3rd round: Rea with the fastest race round in 1: 34.093 min. past Locatelli in 3rd place.

4th round: Bautista pushes behind Razgatlioglu, but can not find a hole – on the contrary, Rea slows past the Spaniard in the harassment.

Round 5: Razgatlioglu, Rea and Bautista within 0.3 sec. One second behind Locatelli (4th), Lecuona and Lowes.

Round 6: Toprak misses the line, and when he returns, he collides with Rea. Both fall. Bautista leads ahead of Lecuona, Bassani and Locatelli. Rescue best BMW drives in 7th place.

Round 7: Bautista 0.7 s ahead of Lecuona and 1.2 s ahead of Locatelli. Van der Mark in 10th place.

Round 8: Bautista runs as fast as he has to run. Still, he is a solid 1.1 seconds ahead of Lecuona. Locatelli, Bassani, Lowes, Rinaldi and Redding are vying for third place.

Round 9: Van der Mark bravely past Vierge and Mahias in 8.

Round 10: Bautista runs a lone race – already 2.7 seconds ahead. Locatelli (3rd) overtakes Lecuona (2nd).

Round 11: Bautista 3.2 seconds ahead.

Round 12: Lecuona, Locatelli fight for 2. Bassani, Lowes and Redding for 4. Vierge, van der Mark and Mahias for 8.

Round 13: Bautista runs 0.5 seconds faster than the rest per. lap.

Round 14: Stark – Rescue past Lowes (6th) and Bassani (5th) to fourth!

Round 15: Lecuona keeps the oppressive Locatelli in check. Van der Mark fights admirably with Vierge and Mahias for 8th place.

Round 16: Bautista runs another average of 1:34 min and leads with 7.2 sec.

Round 17: Redding maintains fourth place ahead of Bassani and Lowes.

Round 18: Locatelli brakes past Lecuona and takes second place.

Round 19: Bautista is almost 10 seconds ahead.

Round 20: Now the Ducati pilot also drives 1:35 min.

Last round: Bautista wins 8.7 seconds ahead of Locatelli and 11.6 seconds ahead of Lecuona. 5. Bassani, 6. Redding, 8. van der Mark.

Result Superbike World Championship: Assen, race 2
position driver motorcycle time
1. Alvaro Bautista Ducati
2. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha + 8,770 sec
3. Iker Lecuona Honda + 11,580
4. Alex Lowes Kawasaki + 13,329
5. Scott Redding bmw + 14,672
6. Axel Bassani Ducati + 17,490
7. Michael Rinaldi Ducati + 23,374
8. Michael van der Mark bmw + 28,511
9. Xavi Vierge Honda + 29,067
10 Lucas Mahias Kawasaki + 29,434
11. Roberto Tamburini Yamaha + 36,810
12. Christopher Ponsson Yamaha + 36,814
13. Leon Haslam Kawasaki + 37,000
14 Luca Bernardi Ducati + 38,862
15 Leandro Mercado Honda + 41,674
16 Gabriele Ruiu bmw + 51,252
17 Hafiz Syahrin Honda + 51,382
18 Oliver King Kawasaki > 1 min
out Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha
out Jonathan Rea Kawasaki
out Loris Baz bmw
out Philipp Oettl Ducati
out Garrett Gerloff Yamaha
out Kohta Nozane Yamaha

Status Superbike World Championship 2022 after 6 of 36 races
position driver motorcycle Points
1. Alvaro Bautista Ducati 109
2. Jonathan Rea Kawasaki 91
3. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha 64
4. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha 55
5. Iker Lecuona Honda 50
6. Michael Rinaldi Ducati 43
7. Axel Bassani Ducati 30
8. Xavi Vierge Honda 30
9. Alex Lowes Kawasaki 28
10 Loris Baz bmw 28
11. Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 25
12. Scott Redding bmw 19
13. Philipp Oettl Ducati 15
14 Lucas Mahias Kawasaki 14
15 Michael van der Mark bmw 11
16 Eugene Laverty bmw 10
17 Ilya Mikhalchik bmw 9
18 Roberto Tamburini Yamaha 9
19 Christopher Ponsson Yamaha 8
20 Luca Bernardi Ducati 6
21 Leon Haslam Kawasaki 3
22 Leandro Mercado Honda 1

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