Apple Fitness Plus now includes training for moms

After the birth of a child, completely new challenges await the young family. The author of these lines knows this because he himself is a multiple father. Not only are the nights getting shorter, but there are also new challenges that need to be mastered in everyday life, such as maneuvering the stroller out of the apartment onto the sidewalk or transporting the offspring to the car in a highchair. Apple wants to prepare mothers for these tasks with new workouts for the fitness service Apple Fitness Plus.

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Training for mothers

“Back to the fitness routine after pregnancy” is the name of the new series of exercises. The name is program. In addition to core and strength training, it also includes chilling sessions. Using the exercises given, mothers train their torso, arms, legs, upper and lower body as they wish. The series begins with a core workout that includes calm movements, breathing exercises and a pelvic floor workout designed to help participants reconnect to their core. The service offers stretching and meditation exercises to cool down.

Ten minutes per. work out

You can choose the form of exercise: Apple Fitness Plus offers exercises for mothers who prefer to take it easy. But even those who were physically active during pregnancy should find appropriate forms of exercise. In addition, the exercises can be further adapted to your own preferences and needs.

Each workout lasts ten minutes. If the offspring shows up in the meantime, you can interrupt the exercises at any time and continue them at a later time. If you have more than enough time at all, you can also combine a few workouts with each other or with other study workouts and complete them one after the other. Before starting, however, mothers should consult their doctor.

The new training programs are now available. To take advantage of it, you need an Apple Watch and an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac as well as an Apple Fitness Plus subscription. It costs 9.99 euros a month.

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