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The Superbowl is approaching, the American professional league in American football is on its way to its peak of the season. Four fans from our editorial staff try to explain why the football environment is also growing in Germany.

Stuttgart – Stars, excitement, spectacle: Because there are only two weeks to the Super Bowl on February 13 in Los Angeles, the American professional league in American football is also becoming more and more in focus for German fans. Ahead of the two semifinals between the Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals (Sunday at 9pm) and the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers (Monday at 12.30pm CET / both live on Pro Sieben), four of our sports editors explain why the NFL is also fascinating her.

Editor Jürgen Kemmner: Every individual on the team is important

In almost all clubs, the quarterback is the star, he pulls the strings, he has the biggest responsibility. If Pat Mahomes (Chiefs) or Matthew Stafford (Rams) catch a black day, their team will miss the Super Bowl. But one thing is also undisputed: If the offensive line defender does not do his job, the playmaker does little. And if the wide receiver loses an accurately thrown ball in the goal zone, there are no points. Sometimes the kicker from 55 yards decides the game with a field goal, and even the defense can (indirectly) win a game if they anticipate the opponent’s play and stop them. In football a Lionel Messi can score a goal with a fine dribble alone – in football every single position is important, it is a collective combination of different skills that decides a match: Victory can only be achieved together, with an excellent quarterback of course no injury .

Editor Heiko Hinrichsen: A positive crazy sports community

It all started with niche broadcaster Pro Sieben Maxx with an allegedly slightly exaggerated sports freak with long hair and Berlin snout, who goes by the nickname “Icke”. But the TV football team, led by pioneers Christoph “Icke” Dommisch and coach Patrick Esume, has done a lot right over the years. Meanwhile, the National Football League runs with big brother Pro Sieben – and the fan base continues to grow non-stop.

There are several reasons for this: Unlike professional football in Germany, the NFL can still be seen on free television, where Dommisch and Co. has long played the cultivated one-two between the old TV world and the social media platforms of the Internet. On the one hand, there is an expert explanation of what a security or the so-called chain gang is. Fan snapshots from the living room at home complete the picture of a football-mad sports community in the best sense of the word.

Editor Tim Wohlbold: Play-off motto win or fly

Back and forth matches, playoff series with three, five or even seven matches, long first and second rounds. NFL fans and professionals only know all this from other sports. 17 matches in the season (previously 16), after which the qualified football teams go directly into the knockout mode of the playoffs, meaning win or fly week after week. There is no other leg to fix things. No change of location to shoot a long series after all. Today, that’s the only thing that matters in the NFL playoffs. And the loser already has a holiday tomorrow. “Win or go home,” the Americans say.

This relentless state not only has the advantage that every single game is about everything. No, from time to time he also makes sure that the outsider gets one round further. Translated into football, it means: In one match, the overwhelming Bavarians must be defeated. It guarantees great excitement in the title race.

Editor Jochen Klingovsky: A Collection of Superstars

Of course, critics are right: the NFL is a perfectly functioning marketing machine. A billion-dollar business that also makes so much money because fans are willing to pay 90 euros for a parking space at the stadium and 15 euros for a beer – without feeling like they are being ripped off. How does it work? With tough sports that fit the lifestyle of many Americans.

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And with stars. No other professional league produces so many superheroes, living legends, advertising giants, multimillionaires. Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, Odell Beckham Jr. or Aaron Donald shapes not just their team, but an entire sport – and this list can be extended indefinitely. Nowhere else can you find such a collection of excellent athletes and dazzling personalities with great stories and constantly breaking records. Seeing them at work is just great fun. Despite all the marketing.

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