“Aerial Yoga”: MaJu in Altenkirchen offers a new form of yoga course

Announcement from 18.02.2022

By Wolfgang Rabsch

Mandy Jung, the active triathlete and yoga therapist known far beyond Altenkirchen, and the team at the MaJu Institute in Altenkirchen have added a very special form to their yoga classes: Aerial Yoga. Participants literally learn to “take off”.

With Aerial Yoga you can go. (Photos: Wolfgang Rabsch)

Altenkirchen. In air yoga, a sling hanging from the ceiling is the most important tool: Literally translated, antenna means something in the direction of ‘airy’. All aerial fitness yoga exercises do not take place on the ground, but rather while floating using the sail. Finally, the team around Mandy Jung was able to fulfill their dream of offering Aerial Yoga courses in Altenkirchen. Thanks to the collaboration with the “Heavenly Forces” cheerleaders, they have finally found the right premises for this: The cheerleaders maintain an ideal training room with a giant wall mirror on Bahnhofstraße 20 in Altenkirchen. The corresponding courses will be offered from 6 April 2022.

The organizers assure that no one needs to be afraid that they will be overwhelmed there. The courses are also ideal for beginners, practical for getting a taste of things and for a relaxed start. The courses naturally increase until the advanced level is reached, the course duration is five weeks, with weekly training.

The couriers were invited to a press event in the gym to see for themselves and have the plan explained by Mandy Jung, Beate Schengber and Natasja Smid-Bakker. Mayor Fred Jiingerich and Matthias Schmidt from the department of social affairs and generations in VG from the community Altenkirchen-Flammersfeld were also present at the party.

The three women explained to the attendees, who were probably also relatively unfamiliar with Aerial Yoga, what the particular form of exercise does: “You give your body weight more or less to the cloth, gravity supports you in your exercises, and the cloth becomes soft against your best friend. It lovingly supports you in almost playfully mastering the exercises that you find difficult on the floor. For example, when it comes to balance, the hammock challenges you, because yoga in the hammock, yoga in the air, can be like a full body workout. The back can relax when it hangs, and small blockages and tensions can be released almost by itself. ” The enthusiasm with which the team embarked was clearly noticeable and almost contagious.

VG Mayor Fred Jiingerich was very impressed with the idea and the premises. As head of authority, he himself has a strong connection to this, because the adult education center in Altenkirchen-Flammersfeld offers the courses in their program. Fred Jiingerich wished Mandy Jung and her team every success. In his brief statement, the mayor also referred to the program of the Altenkirchen-Flammersfeld Adult Education Center: “Walking and Talking” in the Parc de Tarbes, Altenkirchen. Enthusiastic instead of working on the Nordic Walking poles through the beautiful Altenkirchen landscape and having pleasant conversations with like-minded people, led by Mandy Jung, the first meeting is scheduled to start on March 1, 2022.

Later, the new courses will also be offered in hybrid form, ie online or in face-to-face training. So there is a possibility that someone who shows interest can participate in the courses from Flensburg to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Other dates: Great yoga weekend from March 11 to 13 with fascia workshop, Yin Yoga, yoga for kids and teens, and Hatha Yoga meets Yin Yin Yoga meets Yoga Niidra.

Registration: www.maju-institut.de
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MaJu Bewegt Institut, Koblenzer Straße 4, 57610 Altenkirchen
Phone: 0171-310 5829
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HP: www.maju-institut.de

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