According to the survey: These are the most popular fitness trends in 2022

Sports equipment manufacturer Reebok has in a new study examined which sports on the platform Pinterest is attached particularly often. Your particular insight? In addition to physical fitness, mental health will be in focus for many users in 2022. Here you can find out which ones fitness trends are especially popular this year.

Summer is approaching and many people finally feel motivated to train again. The sports brand has which sports are particularly popular this season Reebok identified in a study. They evaluated Pinterest needles and created a top ten most popular fitness trends. This list came out:

10th place: Tabata

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training that follows regular sessions of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Your muscles burn in the total of eight rounds, however it works. In fact, experts say Tabata is the most effective trend of all. “Tabata improves athletic performance and glucose metabolism and acts as one excellent catalyst for fat burningsays expert Joe Mitton, fitness trainer and founder of Mittfit.

Tabata requires a lot of you, but is ideal for burning fat. Photo: visual space Getty Images Signature via

9th place: Outdoor fitness

Tired of enclosed gyms? You are not alone in this. Many people have trained outdoors during the pandemic. The big advantage: Not only does the body train excellently outdoors, it benefits the psyche toot. Fresh air and sun support the uptake of vitamin D..

8th place: HIIT

High-intensity interval training is not a new trend, but it is one that continues, and with good reason. With HIIT you do it all for 45 seconds, take a break of 15 seconds and hold out for 15 minutes. Then you can be scraped off the ground, but it can hardly be trained more effectively in such a short time. But be careful: These are the effects HIIT can have on your body.

woman push-up
HIIT cardio pushes you to your limits. Here we show you what it means for your body. Photo: iStock, skynesher /

7th place: personal training

The trend of personal training was picked up over 160,000 times Pinterest divided. Especially beginners or those who want to get started again after a long break, it is recommended to hire a personal trainer. In this way, vocational training plans can be made and assistance provided. So nothing stands in the way of the training goals for 2022.

6th place: Pilates

Pilates used to be called Contrology because it’s a lot controlled exercises performed, which primarily addresses the center of the body. In addition to improving your posture, Pilates primarily improves your balance and promote long-term mobility of your joints. In addition, Pilates also has a positive effect on our mental well-being. These Pilates exercises are definitely worth a try.

Mrs. Pilates
Do you want to relax after a long day? These are the best Pilates exercises for you. Photo: Jacob Lund via

5th place: CrossFit

The crossfit fitness trend was able to collect as many as 500,000 pins on Pinterest! No wonder because this Sports train the whole body with high-intensity functional movements.

4th place: body & mind

Admittedly, there is no explicit sport behind the nearly 800,000 pins for body & mind. However, show these numbers aloud Reeebokhow important it is for people in the midst of the uncertainty of a pandemic to be in harmony with yourself both physically and mentally.

According to environmental psychologist and well-being consultant Lee Chambers: “Whether it’s a short walk, dancing in the living room, yoga in the kitchen or bodyweight circuit training in the bedroom, get moving significant psychological benefits. “

3rd place: Yoga

From yoga stretches to hatha yoga exercises – no matter which yoga variant you choose, you will always make a good choice. The 1.2 million pins on Pinterest prove this all too well. yoga supports your conscious breathing and relaxes you especially after long, stressful days at work.

woman yoga
Hatha yoga exercises relax you and train your deep muscles at the same time. Photo: IMAGO / Westend61

2nd place: mindfulness exercises

2021 TK Stress Study clearly showed that more and more people are feeling stressed more and more often. No wonder mindfulness exercises according to Reebokstudy in second place. This means, for example, meditation, painting mandalas or walking meditation.

1st place: trail running

Trail running has been on over eight million times Pinterest shared and is with the most popular fitness beach in 2022. The point here is simply to start running – over hill and valley. In this article, we will tell you why this sport is so popular and what exactly lies behind it.

trail running
With trail running you run off the beaten track. Photo: IMAGO / addictive warehouse

Fitness trends 2022: Not only muscles but also psyche

The fitness trends in 2022 show one thing very clearly: It is no longer just about building muscle and shaping the body. People want to rest and have understood that sport is essential to keeping the psyche healthy.

Expert Lee Chambers also stresses: “It’s important Find exercises that you likeas this will help you stay consistent and ensure that you take regular breaks and stay active on a daily basis. ” With this remark: Here’s for an active summer 2022!

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