7 crazy selfie museums around the world

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They are colorful, flashy and a bit kitschy, and we strongly encourage you to take pictures. Selfie museums are the complete contrast to the classic museums, where you can admire historical artefacts in peace and distance.

In front of colorful scenery and in beautifully furnished rooms, visitors can present themselves. The interactive exhibits are a mix of great photobooth stations, stage design and playground, meant to serve as the backdrop for the perfect Instagram photo.

Clear the stage!

In the Selfie Museum, you go from just being an observer to being an artist yourself – and to art. There are often changing rooms and mirrors at the entrance so you can get ready before taking the perfect Instagram photo.

A leisurely stroll from room to room is usually not possible here. At most museums, you need to book a specific time and keep an eye on the clock when you visit. This is to prevent long queues from occurring. How long you can stay in the exhibition varies from museum to museum.

The trend started with the Instagram museums in the United States. All over the world, however, the exhibitions are becoming increasingly popular. However, some of them only exist as pop-up exhibitions in one place for a short time. Before your visit, you should find out if the museum is actually in the city.

Museum of Ice Cream in New York

The Museum of Ice Cream is considered the first selfie museum in the world. It was created by the social media platform Instagram: Founder Manish Vora and his girlfriend discovered that posts on the topic of ice cream were published twice as often on social networks as on pop diva Beyoncé.

This gave rise to her idea of ​​a pop-up museum about ice cream. It premiered in New York in 2016 and has since made stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami for a few months.

In 13 rooms, for example, you can be photographed in a pink tram or splash around in a pool filled with colorful sprinkles. You will also learn all about the history of ice cream here, and you will of course have many opportunities to try the delicious candy. Tickets cost around 30 euros per person.

Supercandy pop-up museum in Cologne

With over 90,000 visitors, the Supercandy pop-up museum is the most successful and largest in Europe. The current exhibition “Pop-Up Museum Vol. 2” is like a giant playground for adults. You can drop the steam on 30 different sets of 2000 square meters.

Two women take pictures at the Supercandy pop-up museum in Cologne.

From the colorful mirror room to the pink ball pool, one shimmering backdrop follows the next, where you can take pictures, tiktoks and scrolls. The current exhibition in Cologne-Ehrenfeld is open until April 30, after which the museum closes for renovation.

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Tickets to the museum cost 29 euros, there are discount offers for four people. When booking, you choose a time period and can then explore the exhibition for two hours.

Selfie Museum in Antigua, Guatemala

Since February 2022, visitors to Guatemala have also been able to have their picture taken in various scenarios. The Selfie Museum in the city of Antigua is the first of its kind in Central America.

Here you can soar like a superhero over a bed, pose in a giant basketball hoop or take a mugshot in your orange prison suit.

Admission costs around 5 euros.