6 in the fifth set? All information about the state and the rule revolution

What really happens in tennis in the fifth set when the score is 6: 6? So far, each Grand Slam tournament has answered this question differently. With the new rule change, that should change. SPOX brings you updated.

For years, when the score was 6: 6 in the fifth set, there was pure chaos of rules. Because each Grand Slam tournament baked its own rolls, it was almost impossible for fans and interested parties to keep track. An initially temporary rule change should now ensure uniformity.

Tennis, Grand Slams: What happens at 6: 6 in the fifth set? All information about the state and the rule revolution

A total of four Australian Open tournaments are on the tennis calendar each year. Although the results from all four count in a score, the rules of the decisive game in the fifth set have been different so far. In the following you can see a list of the rules that have been in force so far.

  • Australian Open: Tie-break to ten points with a lead of at least two points
  • Wimbledon: Tie-break to seven points if it became 12-12 in the deciding set
  • French Open: no tiebreak
  • US Open: Tiebreak to seven points

So that tangle of rules is changing. In a jointly announced statement, those responsible for the four Grand Slam tournaments announced that a uniform solution had been agreed, starting with the French Open (May 22 to June 5). This assumes that if the score is 6: 6 in the fifth set, a tiebreaker will bring the decision. From now on, the rules that previously only applied in Melbourne, Australia, apply here. The winner is the first to reach the ten point mark while maintaining a lead of at least two points over their opponent.

The rule change only applies to 2022 until further notice

According to the umbrella organization of the tournaments, the so-called Grand Slam Board, the rule change must meet the “great desire for more uniformity”. It is hoped that this will provide a better experience for fans and interested as well as for the players themselves.

However, the adaptation has not yet been carved in stone. The regulation should initially only apply to the rest of the year or the three Grand Slam tournaments that are still outstanding in 2022 (see below). The tennis organizations for men (ATP) and women (WTA) and the World Federation (ITF) will then make a final decision. If the rule revolution is convincing, there is a realistic chance that it will be sustained in the long run.

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