• McFit strikes with a sudden price increase: Significant price increases from April 1, 2022
  • “Thank you?”: McFit members in social networks indignant
  • Is the fitness chain allowed to do that at all? Members have these rights
  • “Without unpleasant surprises”: competition FitX With naughty poaching action

that McFit fitness chain has announced that they will raise its prices for standard contracts already on April 1, 2022. The members have meanwhile received an SMS by e-mail, which can now also be found in the support area on the website – though quite hidden there. McFit also confirms the price increases in the social networks. So accumulated on Facebook quickly angry members of the fitness chain, who strongly criticized the company for the decision. At the same time, the competition never sleeps. So tried FitX now quite directly, lure frustrated McFit customers away.

Update from March 31, 2022, at 11:57: Naughty action from McFit competition – frustrated members should change

that McFit price increase effective April 1, 2022 has now brought the competition to the fore. In it Fitness chain FitX that seems like a good chance pochere angry McFit members. In the new advertising campaign, FitX does not call McFit by name – but it should be clear to everyone which company the “very special offer” that FitX promises new customers is aimed at.

So you address “with a special offer for athletes who are willing to switch and who want a new study without nasty surprises after signing the contract “We would like to make an offer to anyone who is no longer satisfied with their current studio and invite them to become part of the FitX family,” said CEO Markus Vancraeyenest.

“It is especially important for us not to lose sight of our longtime members: Should it become one “It goes on to say. Specifically, anyone who signs a contract with FitX between April 1 and April 23, 2022, three months free in all studies took nationwide – “including live rates and drinks fixed rate”. And another ready swipe on McFit: Fitness fans should “review their contracts for their remaining term or potential Check special termination rights“, says FitX.

Update March 27, 2022: Can McFit Just Raise Contract Prices? Lawyer with a clear statement

McFit has with announced massive price increase created a lot of frustration among the customers in few days. More and more members are sharing on social networks that they are planning to terminate their contract. Others wonder if such price adjustments in current contracts are legally effective at all.

RTL asked a lawyer from Bielefeld what McFit members can do now. Changes in the contract period are possible, subject to price changes in the General Terms and Conditions. In the case of McFit, however, the price increase is not justified, it sounds from RTL. According to the lawyer, the contract conditions had also changed not changed significantlyto justify the adjustment.

McFit members should do so where appropriate Change direct debit to permanent transfer and request McFit in writing to perform the contract for the agreed fees. You should point out that for you as a member “no legal basis can be recognized for the fee increase”, the lawyer tells the TV station.

First report: McFit with 25 percent price increases from April – “must adjust prices”

“We’ve been offering training at McFit on fair terms for 25 years and will continue to do so to support you in achieving your sporting goals. Pandemic and its impact on the economy However, they did not leave us unharmed either, “reads the text in the McFit help area under the payment heading.

The company’s costs have “continuously increased due to rising prices in many areas”. Most fitness providers would therefore have “theirs Posts already aligned“, McFit continues.” To continue to allow you to play your favorite sport at McFit, we need to Adjust the prices for our contract models. From 1 April 2022, our tariffs for new and existing customers will change. Contracts with a monthly contribution of up to both flex- and time-limited contracts to 24.90 euros customized. “

On Facebook, the fitness studio chain also justifies the price increase by saying that “many members have terminated their contracts during this period”. As a new “added service”, customers should also include certain locations from “Gold’s Gym” to be able to use. It is also possible to bring a limited number of other people to the studio on weekends for free.

“Absolute Rudeness”: McFit members online are stunned and full of anger

In a recent Facebook post, several members let their frustration over the price increase, which was announced at short notice, run free. “Good for laughing. In Corona times we kept paying to help you. Now we get the receipt. antisocial behavior. We want our money back for the time the studios were closed. Only rip-offs treat their customers the way you do. Why do not you comment on this?‘asks a user.

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“Wow! Thank you to all the members who supported you along the way Supported Corona and continued to pay contributions having? Incomprehensible!!!“It is absolutely outrageous to increase the contribution to long-term members so abruptly,” says another. There is currently no official statement from McFit on the Internet.

One thing is clear: even with many Frankish McFit members, the short-term announcement should not trigger an endorphin boost in light of rising costs in all areas. There are a total of nine McFit studios in Franconia: four in Nuremberg, one each in Erlangen, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Würzburg and Aschaffenburg. The company RSG Group was founded in 1996 by Bamberg entrepreneur Rainer Schaller and has its Headquarters in Schlüsselfeld in the district of Bamberg.

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