2nd league: Even HSV can hope again – promotion races are going crazy! – The Bundesliga

This 2nd league is getting more and more spectacular!

Even after the 31st game day, the battle for promotion to the Bundesliga does not lose its drama. Nine points are still up for grabs and six teams still have serious chances of advancing to the top German division.

What happened?

Schalke suffered a serious setback in the league hammer against Bremen (1: 4), in the second top match Darmstadt scored three points against St. Pauli (2: 1). HSV remains at the top with its furious 4: 2 victory against Regensburg, and Nuremberg admits a bitter 2: 4 defeat against Sandhausen.


2. Bundesliga – who wins the promotion race?

Bremen (57 points): The home miss against Nürnberg was followed by a furious 4: 1 in the promotion cracker against Schalke. The remaining three games are doable. Werder can still hope and have the best starting position.
Remaining program: Kiel (H), Aue (A), Regensburg (H)

▶ ︎ Schalke (56 points): After the important victory in Darmstadt, the disaster against Werder – a major setback for Mike Büskens’ team. The rest of the program does not allow vulnerabilities. Schalke’s biggest asset is still Simon Terodde. The top scorer, who also had success against Bremen with a result correction, already has 25 goals in the back seat. His goal threat will also be crucial in the last three games.
Remaining program: Sandhausen (A), St. Pauli (H), Nürnberg (A)

Darmstadt (54 points): After the important 2-1 victory for “Lilien” in St. Pauli, anything is still possible. With the victory, the Hessians jump up on the relegation row – very important for Torsten Lieberknecht’s team!
Remaining program: Aue (H), Düsseldorf (A), Paderborn (H)

St. Pauli (53 points): Following the Darmstadt bankruptcy, Kiezkicker has been without a win in four (!) Matches. And the last three opponents are not random customers either. To let the dream of ascension live on, the last forces must be bundled.
Remaining program: Nuremberg (H), Schalke (A), Düsseldorf (H)

► Hamburg (51 points): The furious victory against Regensburg has once again raised hopes at HSV. With the position 2: 2, Vagnoman (90 ‘) and Kinsombi (90’ + 6) meet late and win 4: 2. Hamburger hope gates? As the only promotion candidate, the Hanseatic League is no longer facing a direct competitor. Everything is still possible …
Remaining program: Ingolstadt (A), Hanover (H), Rostock (A)

► Nuremberg (50 points): The “clubs” are underdogs in the promotion race, especially after the bitter 4-2 defeat against Sandhausen. Nevertheless: mathematically, anything is still possible!
Remaining program: St. Pauli (A), Kiel (A), Schalke (H)

Regensburg – HSV 2: 4 (0: 1)

In Regensburg, it is a very hard job for HSV. Disastrous start, but still a 1-0 lead at the break thanks to a Muheim dream breaker (23 ‘).

Regensburg equalizes (Boukhalfa, 46 ‘), HSV takes the lead again (Suhonen, 66’). But the hosts follow suit again with a converted Albers penalty kick (89th).

After 80 minutes, coach Walter brings the hope joker Vagnoman. He only pushes the ball in to the important 3: 2, then he initiates the attack that leads to a mistake on Kittel. Kinosmbi (90 + 6) converted the 911 to 4-2.

Hope is back in Hamburg!

Schalke – Bremen 1: 4 (0: 2)

Schalke’s fall begins with an embarrassing mistake from Ösi goalkeeper Fraisl. He rejects a Weiser shot forward, Gruev only has to nod from to make it 1-0 (9th).

And Werder follows suit! First, Füllkrug (26th) heads 2-0, then Duksch (51st / 53rd) shoots Schalke down forever.

That Terodde also scores does not bother the 7,000 Bremen fans who traveled with them to their away party.

St. Pauli – Darmstadt 1: 2 (0: 2)

Darmstadt started early and took the lead in the 9th minute (goal scorer: Pfeiffer). 2-0 in the first half. “Lilien” captain Holland takes the ball after a corner kick. Pauli goalkeeper Vasilj has no chance.

St. Pauli has the ascent flap!

The hosts did not get the first goal through Daschner in the 81st minute – too late!

Nürnberg – Sandhausen 2: 4 (1: 1)

What a wild game!

Bachmann gives the visitors an early lead (4 ‘), Nürnberg can turn the match around (Krauß, 25’ / Sörensen, 54 ‘).

But then the strong players from Sandhausen come back and surprise FCN: First Trybull doubles (59th, 84th), then Testroet makes everything clear – 2: 4. A completely bitter defeat to Nuremberg in the promotion race.

Sandhausen midfielder Trybull cool after his second goal Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa

The other results


Karlsruhe – Ingolstadt 2: 2 (0: 1)
Goal scorers: 0-1 Schmidt (24 ‘), 0-2 Blbija (46’), 1-2 Schleusener (69 ‘), 2-2 Hofmann (75’)

Düsseldorf – Dresden 2: 2 (2: 0)
Goal scorers: 1-0 Appelkamp (26 ‘), 2-0 de Wijs (31’), 2-1 Will (71 ‘), 2-2 Königsdörffer (80’)


Kiel – Heidenheim 1: 1 (0: 0)
Goal scorers: 1: 0 Lorenz (56th), 1: 1 Kleindienst (70th)


Paderborn – Hannover 3: 0 (2: 0)
Goal scorers:
1-0 Klement (2 ‘), 2-0 Muslija (17’), 3-0 Ofori (90 ‘+ 1’)

Aue – Rostock 2: 2 (2: 1)
Goal scorers:
1-0 Fröde (8 ‘, ET), 1-1 Verhoek (25’), 2-1 Nazarov (45 ‘), 2-2 Behrens (52’)

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