12 tips on how to do something for the environment and your fitness

Environmental protection is important – but so is sport. Both can often be combined. We tell you how you can do something for the environment and which can help your fitness.

Do something active for the environment during the daily training: With plogging started something like this in Sweden a few years ago. With this form of jogging, joggers collect garbage during the run and throw it in the next trash can. The word plogging is made up of the Swedish term pick Means “search” or “retrieve” – ​​and run together. Fortunately, the trend quickly found many imitators. plank Pick up rubbish during a walk – and Brilliant – fish waste out of the water during snorkeling – followed suit.

World Cleanup Day, which has been held every September since 2018, is also a great option to collect waste and combine it with movement. Even if you do not really make rapid progress on heavily soiled sections in parks or on riverbanks, you know the day after you have moved properly.

Now there is even Cleansing yoga. A group meets in the park to collect garbage before the joint yoga class. And the so-called mountain plaster migrants remove handkerchiefs, masks and bottles that others have carelessly left in the wild.

You can actually transfer the concept of “exercise plus garbage collection” to any other sport you practice outside. And in addition to collecting waste, you can also actively support environmental protection and at the same time do something for your fitness. We give you a few examples.

Combine environmental protection and fitness

Even at a climate demo, you move.
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Environmental protection and sports or physical activity are often linked without you paying much attention to it. For example in the following activities:

  • bicycle instead of car Driving is probably a classic when it comes to environmental protection – but for you it’s a real win-win situation. You not only protect the environment by saving CO2; you also increase your fitness if you cycle regularly.
  • Eat vegans more often. Meanwhile, many professional athletes like Venus Williams or Lewis Hamilton are also addicted to a vegan diet. By doing without meat you can save a lot of CO2 and avoid animal suffering. According to a study, vegan athletes have no disadvantage in terms of muscle strength and endurance – the study even concludes that vegans can have better endurance. Also the Netflix documentary “The Game Changers“Deals with the subject of sports and veganism.
  • It sounds banal at first, but with gardening you can also do something for yourself and the climate. Are you building at home, on balcony or in Garden, your own vegetables, you can sweat. Heavy soil bags need to be lifted, beds dug up and vegetables watered regularly. By Urban gardening you not only save CO2 that the transport of food can cause. You move even more than without home-grown vegetables.
  • Anyone can plant trees using a search engine: but know replanting campaigns in your area you can become active and plant trees yourself. Trees store carbon dioxide and can thereby help limit global warming. And you move a lot during the planting campaign.
  • Also biotope care can cause severe muscle soreness. Biotope care is an important contribution to the conservation of biodiversity. Meadows are often mowed and shrubs are cut back. There are now fewer and fewer nutrient-poor wet meadows or semi-arid lawns. These biotopes are habitats for many insects and birds. These areas must be preserved by preserving Biottopf. If you want to join, you can inquire at the nature or bird protection association. In Munich, for example, the State Association for Bird Protection is looking for hard-working helpers on its website.
  • Go to demoerconducting campaigns on environmental and climate protection issues. Sometimes the demo trains pull through the entire city center and make up a few kilometers. As with a long walk, you can reach the recommended daily goal 10,000 steps achieve at least in part.

And there is more you can do

Find out if your gym uses green power.
Find out if your gym uses green power.
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But of course it also works the other way around. You can also focus on environmental protection in sports. For example, by noting the following:

  • buy sustainable sports equipment and do not wash your workout clothes after each workout. It often helps if you put them outside hang up to air. Because a lot of sportswear from polyester available, comes with each wash microplastics in the water. You can find more here tips for sustainable fitness.
  • If you are registered with a fitness center, you can inquire about the operators green power use. Just asking questions can put pressure on them and even make them change their minds. Maybe there is also an energy and water saving gym in your area. Some gyms have solar panels on the roof and use them to produce their own electricity or illuminate with energy-saving LED lamps.
  • advantage public transport, to reach destinations further afield – for example the mountains or the sea, depending on where you live. Maybe there is a train running nearby to the mountains or a shuttle bus to a bathing lake. If you can only reach the gym or yoga studio or your excursion destination by car, then get together with friends or neighbors. When carpooling you also save CO2 and reduce yours organic footprintswhich you leave to future generations.

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