Werder Bremen: Return of Ömer Toprak and Marvin Ducksch? The stand!

Bremen – When Ömer Toprak and Mitchell Weiser strolled towards the training ground on Tuesday morning, everything looked like a normal rehabilitation session. But those who saw the defense chief at work afterwards, could certainly get the impression that his muscle and tendon injury in the calf may not be so bad after all, and that a return to team training at SV Werder Bremen is imminent. Head coach Ole Werner shattered hopes of that kind only a little later.

“It’s a completely normal setup,” the 33-year-old stressed during a digital media round. “It’s about looking at how he reacts to it, how you can increase the load, and how you can approach a training load again.” And then agile. Omer Toprak also worked in his exercises and shots on goal, it does not help so much Werder Bremen at the pace – also because of his previous problems with the calves. ‘It will be done step by step. You always have to take into account that the volume has to be reduced one day, because it gets a little more painful again, ”said Ole Werner. “We are well on schedule, but neither more nor less.”

Werder Bremen: Ömer Toprak back on the pitch – Ole Werner rejects hopes of a quicker return

It’s similar to Mitchell Weiser and Marco Friedl. However, the latter did not even go out on the field with his two teammates due to his abdominal muscle injury, which did not automatically mean a setback. “It’s a completely different injury,” the coach said SV Werder Bremen. “He is also developing as expected. But unfortunately, the statement from last week is the same: We have to wait and see how he tolerates the strain and how painful he is.” And the main conclusion was to push on. Ole Werner right after: “At all, it will probably stand Sandhausen become nothing. “

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Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner: Marvin Ducksch is again available against SV Sandhausen

It looks much better elsewhere. Marvin Ducksch should hold as well as Leonardo Bittencourt after a corona infection, refrain from a match against Darmstadt, next Sunday in the home match against SV Sandhausen (13.30) the goal scorer should be there again. “With Marvin, we are now looking at how we can reintegrate him,” he announced Ole Werner one. “I can not say how many minutes he will be entitled. But the week is long, so we have hope there.” Midfielder Bittencourt, on the other hand, needs a little patience, unlike Ducksch, the 28-year-old has yet to test himself.

However, there are no problems with goalkeepers Jiri Pavlenka (ankle) and Felix Agu (patellasene), the two pros will participate in team training this week as usual SV Werder Bremen participate after being in moderate action at the start of the international break. (mbu)

Werder Bremen: Chief of Defense Ömer Toprak’s rehabilitation “goes according to plan”

Continue with the first report from March 28, 2022:

And suddenly there was someone on the training ground recently SV Werder Bremenwho had not yet waited there again: Omer Toprak. Together with rehabilitation coach Marcel Abanoz, the injured captain completed a 15-minute program, which was loud Clemens Fritz was, however, no indication of a previous Toprak comeback. “The fact that he was back on the pitch for the first time recently as part of his individual rehabilitation was a completely normal part of his program,” said Werder’s head of professional football in an interview with DeichStube – stating: “It is still difficult to say when he will return. “

Omer Toprak have suffered from one for a few weeks calf injury and should be very carefully rebuilt, and then, if possible, in the hot last phase of the season again for SV Werder Bremen to be able to intervene. After a similar injury, the 32-year-old previously completed his rehabilitation in Leverkusen. This time he will be in Bremen, as head coach Ole Werner recently explained. Toprak’s improvement is apparently progressing as expected. “Ömer’s rehabilitation is going according to plan,” he says Clemens Fritz – and it now also includes units in the fresh air.

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Werder Bremen: When is Ömer Toprak back from injury? – That’s the situation with Mitchell Weiser

A little faster than Omer Toprak however, it could with the return of Mitchell Weiser go. His injury, originally diagnosed as a crack in a muscle bundle in the adductor area, appears to be more harmless than first thought. “Mitch’s injury may not be that bad,” Fritz says. A use in the upcoming home game of SV Werder Bremen against SV Sandhausen (Sunday at 13.30 in the Deichtube live ticker) is “not yet a problem” for the 27-year-old. (dco)

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