The football club brings Bundesliga jerseys to the NFT meta-verse

Update from March 30: All Frankfurt jerseys are now completely sold out, even though the product is still in beta. Nevertheless, it’s worth sticking to! Because TFC immediately announces the aftermath – with the upcoming drop of jerseys from VfL Wolfsburg. Here, too, jersey holders can expect a large US dollar prize pool – it’s best to sign up on the Discord server to stay up to date.

Metaverse is fast approaching. This is primarily due to progress in the NFT area. Because they are now more than just JPG files of monkeys, pixel punks or excerpts from artwork. Blockchain pioneers have long since begun to connect to the analog world via NFTs, laying the groundwork for the Metaverse boom.

One of these groundbreaking companies is The Football Club. The German start-up has managed to merge a football platform and NFT marketplace and kick the world’s most popular ball sport into Metaverse.

The Football Club is the world’s first football metavers to combine avatars, licensed digital collectibles and competitions. The football club gives all football fans the opportunity to create a personal avatar and add unique items to it. In addition, players can collect NFT jerseys, create teams and pit them against each other. The digital soccer jerseys serve as entry tickets to fantasy soccer tournaments where you can win FUSD, flow-blockchain’s original stablecoin. In principle, anyone can choose any player from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, making the game much more skill-based than competing games.

The football club thus provides the connection between the analog fan communities, fantasy gaming and the technological innovations in Web 3.0. here. Visually, the NFTs also do not have to hide from Cryptopunks, Cryptokitties and Co. The jerseys, players and accessories are well-designed, which increases the collector factor and above all the attractiveness of the digital jerseys. If you are lucky enough to grab one of the rarer digital collectibles, you also have the opportunity to sell it at a profit in the marketplace.

The custom avatars allow players to bring their own personality into the game and change it as they wish. Unique NFT lifestyle items also upgrade the latter and make a significant contribution to taking the fun of the game to a new level.

Everyone who joins The Football Club manages their team and lets them compete in one of the many challenges. Not only can you win FUSD, but you can also win XP and let your digital kickers ensure you play at the top of the table. There are enough players to choose from: Metaverse currently has over 1,000 licensed players.

Collaboration with Eintracht Frankfurt brings new jerseys to blockchain

It was not until March 15 that The Football Club announced a partnership with Eintracht Frankfurt.

Behind The Football Club’s push lies nothing less than the goal of building a sustainable digital ecosystem for the fan community.

CEO Ante Kristo (ex-Kickbase founder) puts it in a nutshell:

We firmly believe in the revolutionary blockchain-based NFT technology, which will change the way we consume and use virtual goods in the future. Therefore, we want to get the most out of it by creating meaningful, useful and value-creating applications.

Ante Kristo, CEO of The Football Club

A first step in this direction is the Eintracht Frankfurt NFT jerseys, which were created in the collaboration.

These come in three different versions, each with different features. The design is home kit, away kit and third set. All sweaters also come with varying degrees of rarity:

  • Uncommon (900 per player)
  • Rare (180 per player)
  • Super Rare (60 per player)
  • Epic (30 per player)
  • Unique (3 per player)

First and foremost, of course, the support of the football club is in the foreground. With the NFT jerseys, this can now also be displayed in the digital area. This way, the feelings you have for your team and the support you have for your team are visible to everyone and stored on the blockchain forever. But The Football Club does not let that happen. Because selected jerseys also have a use in the analog world.

If you are lucky and get the right jersey, you can use your NFT as an entrance ticket to the stadium or a VIP lounge. For there is the place where everything gathers again: at the stadium.

Play2Live: Participate in the prize pool of FUSD 15,000 with jerseys

The football club has also come up with something for the tool in the game. Each set of rarities will have its own league. Anyone who has one of the jerseys also gets access to the respective league.

Each league has one competition a week where you can win both money in the form of FUSD and jersey duffle bags. These, in turn, contain new jerseys, which are necessary to participate in later competitions. For the entrance fee increases over time, so you will later need more jerseys to participate in a challenge. But it is not absolutely necessary to spend money to participate. Basically, the football club is Free2Play.

The football club has set up a prize pool of FUSD 15,000 for all leagues that will be split. So members of each league can win 3,000 FUSD. The distribution of 3,000 FUSD later looks like this:

  • Unique: The first 5 places
  • Epic: The first 20 seats
  • Super Rare: The first 30 places
  • Rare: The first 50 places
  • Unusual: The first 100 seats

In the future, The Football Club also plans to increase the usability of each jersey. In the future, you can improve the performance of individual players by wearing the right jerseys on them. The following applies: The higher the rarity, the more the performance improves.

So if you want to secure one of the sweaters, you have to hurry, because there are limited stocks. The jerseys are sold in packages at a price of FUSD 29.99. However, all players will be able to buy a maximum of 20 packages per. session. There are 5,000 packages in total, of which 4,500 go directly to football fans.

The community exchanges information on all upcoming events on The Football Clubs Discord server.

Curious? So let’s go to the first kick. The Eintracht Frankfurt jerseys have been available in limited quantities since March 24th. Just click here and secure your digital jersey.

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