Quarterback ranking and analysis of the best QB prospects

With the hot phase of free action in the rearview mirror, all eyes are on the draft – and again this year, coaches and GMs will link their fate to a young quarterback. But is it advisable for this year’s class? And which quarterbacks would you recommend for that confidence?

To ensure the best possible transparency for the analysis of quarterbacks, it is important to disclose my benchmark in advance.

To me, these are the most important qualities of a quarterback, in that order, although some are of course related:

  1. Pocket behavior
  2. Accuracy and expectation
  3. Off-Script Plays: Arm talent, improvisation, off-platform
  4. Treatment, readings, decision making
  5. behavior against pressure
  6. Mechanics: feet, throwing motion, slip
  7. athletics
  8. Deep passage

It is by far the most important position on the pitch. Every year, more teams in the draft hope to find their franchise quarterback for the next 15 years – and this is also true this year, even though this year’s class in the pre-draft analysis is significantly weaker than the class from the previous year.

But even without a clear elite outlook at the top, I see potential in this class.

On the one hand, there are very different types of players, ie prospects, who interpret and implement the quarterback position very differently, and there are also dramatic differences in terms of floor and ceiling – which in turn gives the teams the opportunity to bet on a talent with a high floor, like Kenny Pickett, or just chasing the upside, for example with Malik Willis.

This makes the 2022 class an extreme version of each team having its own taste in the position – and this group will be sorted markedly differently depending on the team.

NFL Draft 2022 Ranking: Quarterback Top 8

8. Skylar Thompson, Kansas State

At first glance: In a class with few exciting quarterback prospects for intermediate and later rounds, Thompson stands out the most. A mobile quarterback who can create acting.


  • A quarterback who can create. Thompson has some advantages as a playmaker, his arm talent is visible and he can use his mobility to get out of difficult situations.
  • As a result, he also likes how he handles pressure. Thompson is not directly lost when the situation collapses.
  • A candidate for an RPO and option offense that also demonstrates his athletic abilities. But definitely a backup in the forecast.


  • Thompson is a red shirt senior who has been part of the team since 2016 (!). Comes with the experience from 40 college starts – but also turns 25 in June. Thompson is exactly one day older than Sam Darnold.
  • Not a quarterback who disciplines his readings.
  • Accuracy is inconsistent, processing too slow from time to time.
  • Need some help in a schematic way, he should see the field in the NFL.

SPOX recommendation: 5.-6 Round.

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