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In addition to the many well-known reasons for not playing sports, a few more have been added this year: the hygiene regulations, which only allow limited team sports in the hall. The worry that you may be infected in the gym. And last but not least, the financial situation also plays a role: Those who are on short-term work or fear losing their jobs are less likely to sign up for a subscription that binds them to a studio or club for a longer period of time. .

One of the well-known reasons is winter. In the spring, when the first Corona wave rolled, even those who disliked exercise discovered their enthusiasm for jogging. After all, sport was one of the “valid reasons” that made it possible to leave one’s own home despite exit restrictions. But the days when Munich’s parks were like a goldfish bowl are over. Fortunately, say those who circle there all year round anyway. And the others may be looking at you through the window of their home office – half with pity, half with a guilty conscience.

On a wet October morning, Hanjo Fritzsche stands on a landing at the driveway to Hochstrasse in der Au and does everything to make bent office workers upright and proud again. This is how the trainer of “Original Bootcamp” describes his task. He gets them to do sit-ups, kettlebell presses and shadow boxing. A power mix runs out of a loudspeaker, just loud enough to drown out the rush hour traffic on Gebsattelstraße, but without disturbing the neighbors.

Sports outdoors and in the middle of the city, Hanjo Fritzsche did not only think about during Corona. He has been offering bootcamp training in Munich for eight years, first in the Isar river plain, which was, of course, a picturesque setting. But then the black fly drove the athletes away, and Fritzsche found this place on the slope. He has deposited everything he needs here in a green metal box: yoga mats, pull-up bars, ropes. After training, he attaches kettlebells to the railing with a bicycle lock. The urban gym is ready.

She prefers to be outside and play sports, says Maike Gress, one of the participants this morning. She was also once enrolled in a gym, the classic story: “Eventually I paid and went no more,” she says. At first, she was skeptical when other participants said training in the winter and outside was not a problem. “But it really is like that. It’s ugly when it rains, but it happens maybe once or twice a year.” And: If you come from an outdoor workout, you are guaranteed not to freeze afterwards in the home office.

The problem is rather the darkness. When the first course for morning freshmen starts at 6.30, the street lights are turned on on the way, and if one fails, Fritzsche has battery-powered LED lights with him. An hour of training at Original Bootcamp costs eleven euros if you order a package of two training sessions a week for two months. No one should bond anymore, but the core of the group has known each other for years and sticks to it.

On outdoor sports fields like here in Olympic Park you can train in all kinds of weather.

(Photo: Gino Dambrowski)

In fact, the law on green spaces generally prohibits the provision of services in Munich’s parks. But as long as the athletes take others into account and are not cheered on with megaphones, the city tolerates the exercise of its citizens under professional guidance.

What’s more, it even promotes them with its own offerings. The “Fit im Park” program has now been in existence for more than 25 years, though only during the warm months of May to September. The hall program usually starts in October. But nothing is normal this year. 30 to 80 participants in a hall, as in the past, it would be unthinkable today. “The hygiene rules would only allow 15 participants, including one coach,” says Elke Knerich of the state capital’s Department of Education and Sports (RBS). It does not pay off, and one would also have to put in place a registration system to be able to track chains of infection should it be necessary. So far, if you feel like it, just come.

This is how it will be with the winter program, which starts outdoors for the first time in November this year. All forms of gymnastics, kickboxing, Zumba, bodystyling, walking, basketball and volleyball are offered under the motto “Muckis for everyone – outdoors instead of indoors”. An overview of the entire program will be available from Friday at www.sport-muenchen.de. If you want to participate, you must buy a recreational sports ticket for three euros in advance, which is available at all pre-booking offices in Munich Ticket and in the city information. A registration is not required.

SZ Series: Munich at an Affordable Price: Playing sports outdoors is also easier for your wallet.

It is also easier for the wallet to train outdoors.

(Photo: Gino Dambrowski)

You also do not need to bring anything with you. “A gym mat is recommended, but not absolutely necessary,” write the organizers of RBS in their program. But they have a tip: “Dress according to the layer principle”, ie several layers on top of each other. So you can take something off when you sweat and so you still have something dry with you when you sweat.

Most courses take place in daylight. “Driving through a dark park alone as a woman at night is oppressive,” Knerich says. In order for Munich residents, who usually sit in the office or at home behind a computer in daylight in winter, to stay in shape, evening classes are also offered in three facilities with street lamps or floodlights: in the Dante Stadium, in the Sachsenstraße school sports facility and on Theresienwiese.

Training is canceled in case of storm and rain. But the cold is no excuse, says Knerich. If anything is problematic for athletes, it’s the summer heat: “You have to be careful because of the circulation”.

If you want to play sports on your own, can not or will not commit to training sessions and you want more than just running, you will find a free program in Fitness Parcours. For example, in the Isar meadows, in Ostpark and in Südpark (descriptions and exact locations are available at bit.ly/FitnessParcours).

Sometimes spontaneous training communities occur in such places, for example on AOK’s “movement island” in the Olympic Park. There, in almost all weather at dusk, especially young men compete with pull-ups and dips in all variations. The health insurance companies also help to save money: Many people promote courses with certified providers and bear a large part of the costs. Information about the offers is available directly at the ticket offices.

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