Hansi Flick has revived the DFB team

The national team’s upward trend continues under national coach Hansi Flick. The ex-Bayern coach has revived the DFB team. 236 days before the World Cup in Qatar, the perspective is right again – thanks to Flick. A comment.

Missed the ninth victory in a row – and still came a step further. In the 1-1 match in the Netherlands, the German national team confirmed the upward trend of recent months with an overall convincing performance.

Hansi Flick is responsible for this. Since the ex-Bayern coach took over as national coach from Jogi Löw, after several years of stagnation, there has finally been a development on the DFB team.

“We want to play successful, beautiful, modern football, with a very high intensity, actively,” Flick said shortly after taking office last summer. And indeed: what is not a particularly difficult task against opponents such as Armenia, Romania and Liechtenstein, the team now also managed for the first time against a heavyweight.

Flick practically revived the team. Unlike the well-deserved European Championship last year under Löw, she no longer plays passively, passively, defensively and is waiting for a counter-attack. The DFB team took the initiative from the start against the Netherlands, did not retreat, even after Thomas Müller brought the ball ahead 1-0 and went after the second goal. Record: 62:38 percent possession, 14: 9 shots on goal.

Hansi Flick: Great confidence in top talent

“It was a high-intensity top match for the spectators. We had the opponent under control for 60 minutes and should have made it 2-0 through David Raum,” Flick said happily. “But a huge compliment to my team, it’s just nice how they play, how everyone feels along the way: brave, refreshing, confident. We can be content with a 1-1 draw, even if we would have preferred to win.”

That everything did not succeed and control was lost, especially after the home team equalized, is part of a development and must be forgiven for the partly young team on its way to the World Cup in Qatar. Because: Players like David Raum, Jamal Musiala and Nico Schlotterbeck are already more than just hinting at their potential.

Raum as a pacemaker and crosser on the left side, which has long been problematic in the national team, Musiala as a toxic ball thief and dynamic tempo dribbler in midfield, Schlotterbeck as a surgically accurate pass from the defensive.

After 64 minutes, a couple of quick and successful challenges followed by a shot from just outside the penalty area by Raum might have resulted in another goal for Depay. Musiala then won over Wijnaldum and immediately switched back to the counter-attack.

Flick promotes talent – and builds up the national players who have been left behind in their clubs. Timo Werner was allowed to play against both Israel and the Netherlands from the start, Julian Draxler at least in the first match. Flick gives them combat training and confidence, but at the same time puts pressure on them for the World Cup.

“The players must take responsibility for themselves and be able to assess what is best for their future. The situation is not satisfactory for any of them,” he said after the 2-0 victory over Israel.

236 days before the World Cup in Qatar: The perspective is right

But that with the national team. Flick’s team has won eight out of nine games and scored 34: 3 goals. If you consider that Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich, Niklas Süle and Serge Gnabry were absent from the classic in Amsterdam and will soon play a role again, the DFB team’s perspective 236 days before the kick-off in Qatar is all the more correct.

“Everyone wants to be world champions. That’s our big goal. We’re not stacking it too low,” Flick said in ARD-Sports show a few weeks ago. When the World Cup groups are drawn on Friday, the competition should not exactly erupt in a jubilant storm if the ball contains the word “Germany”.

Also thanks to Hansi Flick: “We are going there, we are taking a look and seeing what we have been drawn to and we are preparing well for the task. We will continue on the very, very good path that we are on.”

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