What factors make EMS training successful? Interview with Nathalie Hütsch (body shapes)

Benefits of the EMS training method, success factors, target groups and the study operators’ perspectives. Nathalie Hütsch runs two EMS studios in Bornheim as a franchisee of body shapes. We talked to her.

that Form of training EMS offers many advantage. In ‘Practice Check EMS Training’ we have checked if and how this “HP” can also be “brought on the road”. Which one factors do EMS training successful? Which one Target groups ask about the form of exercise?

For practice check EMS training

How to see Studio operators: inside the perspectives of EMS? reply Body shape franchisee Nathalie Hütsch answers these and other questions in the interview.

fM: From which target groups is EMS training primarily required in your study?

Natalie Huetsch: The target group consists mainly of middle-aged and older people who want to do something good for their body, value health and want to stay in shape and mobile in old age.

But more and more younger people can get excited about EMS training because it e.g. B. get rid of their back problems caused by frequent and long sitting periods.

What is the most common reason why your clients choose EMS training?

An important reason is the time saving. 20 minutes of EMS training per week is enough to achieve sporting goals and improve your own well-being. 20 minutes a week fits into any schedule.

In addition, our customers appreciate the personal support of our experienced personal trainers and the comfortable atmosphere of our modern studio. With our high quality and safety standards, we stand out from other competitors.

In your opinion, which target groups have the greatest growth potential for EMS training in 2022? To what extent do you want to adapt your marketing to this?

In my view, the younger target group has the greatest growth potential. So far, this has been less of a focus. We now want to change that and adapt our marketing accordingly. The topic of health has taken a fixed place in the consciousness of society, also among the younger target group.

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What are the main benefits of EMS over the pure form of training – e.g. B. in customer loyalty or in building a community?

Due to the personal training and fixed training dates, our individual training plan creation and ongoing work with the respective member’s personal goals, customer loyalty is of course really good with us. Due to the intensive support, customers are particularly motivated.

What factors make an EMS offer successful from your point of view – both as a shop-in-shop in the studio and in the form of an independent offer?

Several factors characterize the success of the EMS application. In addition to the health-oriented training approach, this includes personal support from personal trainers in one-on-one or one-on-two training.

Fixed training dates and especially the mentioned time savings are further unique selling points. Our modern studios and high quality and safety standards are also building blocks for success.

What recommendations do you have for teachers and study operators who are interested in establishing EMS training or combining their offerings with to expand the form of training?

Health is becoming more and more important. More and more people are emphasizing doing something good for their body to stay fit and mobile for as long as possible.

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Our health-oriented EMS application is the perfect training method for this – especially in Corona times due to high safety and hygiene standards, separate changing rooms, fixed appointments and only two trainers in the studio.

In addition to the existing fitness study, EMS training offers many synergy effects: Fitness members use the offer in addition to their previous training, possibly also to specifically compensate for muscular imbalances. EMS customers use strength or conditioning training as a supplement.

About the interviewee

Natalie Hutsch decided after his education to open his own body casting in Bornheim. Meanwhile, she has already opened her second studio in Roisdorf.

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