Werder Bremen: So much money brings a Bundesliga promotion!

Bremen – Only seven more playing days, then SV Werder Bremen could be first class again. The green and whites have good cards in the promotion race, but would they be prepared for a return to the top match? In any case, the professionals should also have a great interest in promotion in addition to fame and glory – even without a pre-explicitly promoted promotion bonus for the team: For most contracts, there is a passage that always adjusts the salary to the league. Just like during the downturn, where Niclas Füllkrug and Co. suddenly had to give up 40 to 60 percent of their salary. Werder was thus able to compensate for the reduced income from television and sponsorship. If you went up, it would be the other way around.

It is a delicate subject. For no one will right SV Werder Bremen already about increase talk. The worry of enchanting it by doing this is to touch and feel. Superstition also plays a role in football. As CEO, Sport is itself Frank Bauman but aware of his responsibility to always keep an eye on the future of the club and also to talk about it. “We have to plan sportingly and financially for both scenarios,” the 46-year-old said when asked by DeichStube: “If we returned to the 1st division, our income would obviously increase, but we would still have to overcome financial challenges. ” for example, several loans and a medium-sized corporate bond with a total volume of 38 million euros. There is no need to pay too much interest. More than one million euros are due in June for the bond alone. The many money Werder first and foremost needed to deal with the economic consequences of coronapandemic to survive.

Werder Bremen: Finances remain a sensitive issue – Frank Baumann plans both 1st and 2nd Bundesliga

After all, this season he counts SV Werder Bremen with a positive result in the balance sheet, even though the audience income due to coronarestrictions are not nearly as abundant as hoped. The high transfer income of over 30 million euros after relegation helped. And this issue will remain with the people of Bremen – even if it is not so serious. “We have to achieve a transfer profit this summer, regardless of the league, but it does not have to be nearly as high as last summer. Many factors come into play, ”he says Frank Bauman. For example, there are bonus payouts from the past transfers possible if clubs are particularly successful with their ex-Bremen as Davy Klaassen (Ajax Amsterdam), Ludwig Augustinsson (FC Sevilla) or Maximilian Eggestein (SC Freiburg).

The distribution of TV money is also open. According to the Internet platform fernsehgelder.de ville Werder Bremen received just over 40 million euros as a first division club. The calculations are from mid-February, the total can change significantly depending on who has moved up or down. In short: Werder wanted to do more TV money few, if more reputable clubs just as Hertha BSC and VfB Stuttgart would relegate while FC Schalke would stay down. Because in the TV money rankings, the rankings in recent years are particularly crucial. For the new season, Bayern will receive almost 100 million euros in TV money from Bundesligamarketing predicted.

Werder Bremen can wave over 40 million euros in TV money if they move up to the Bundesliga

As a 2nd division team Werder Bremen for this season, by the way, received “only” 21.5 million euros – after 49 million euros in the first division the year before. Therefore, a lot had to be saved. The squad budget (player salary) fell from 47 million euros to 18. “If we stay in the second division, a higher transfer surplus will be necessary and we will have to adjust the salary structure further,” says Frank Baumanbut emphasizes at the same time: “Nevertheless, our squad would be competitive.”

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Of course, this also applies to them Bundesligaalthough expectations should not be too high, so Frank Bauman: “We could not afford the wage structure as in the time before the relegation.” The CEO of Sport des SV Werder Bremen not, 30 to 35 million euros seems realistic. Creative solutions must be found.

Werder Bremen: Economic consolidation in the squad due to relegation to the 2. Bundesliga

Werders advantage: Due to the descent one has financial consolidation took place in the squad. The more expensive player have left the club or theirs contracts is now phased out – as are Ömer Toprak, Jiri Pavlenka and Milos Veljkovic. Only Niclas Füllkrug, Leonardo Bittencourt and Marco Friedl would return to their old level if they moved up, which however is very high in these times. that corona pandemic have clubs forced to rethink, the new contract offers are less gifted – perhaps with the exception of the absolute top players. Too many old contracts from the pre-Corona period have become a real burden for some clubs. As almost all clubs in Europe are affected, transfers offer only a limited solution. The savings course SV Werder Bremen can still be ahead of many first division teams. So it would certainly not be a bad time for the traditional club to return to the top spot. (knee)

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