“The worst thing that could have happened”: Kamar Baldwin suffers from a partial tear of his pectoral muscle – and is further out

How is Kamar Baldwin? The top scorer in the basketball Bundesliga club BG Göttingen was injured after just six minutes in the home game against Würzburg on Sunday afternoon and could not play further. It was clear that he was in pain when he had to sit behind his teammates on the substitute bench and was treated by team doctor Dr. Ralf Hamann and physiotherapist Uwe Klassen were cared for and treated.


According to information from BG’s CEO Frank Meinertshagen, there was an ultrasound examination on Sunday night, which did not allow a clear diagnosis, but it did show that the basketball player had been seriously injured. “It does not look so good,” said the Violet boss, who did not speak to Baldwin after the match. “He was in a lot of pain and had enough to do with himself. It’s bitter for him. It’s also bitter for the team. He is not only our top scorer, but also a good defender. Anyone who knows him knows that he is tough. For us, it is the worst thing that could have happened. “

This was followed by an MRI examination on Monday morning in the diagnostic breast center on Bahnhofsallee, which was performed there by the two radiologists belonging to the BG medical team, Prof. Uwe Fischer and Dr. Friedemann Baum was made. “Brystcentret has been our partner for years. There we have the opportunity to get times quickly, ”says Meinertshagen.

For the orthopedist Dr. Ralf Hamann, who cared for Baldwin during the match and then immediately in his training, quickly realized that the injury was serious. It could be seen on the ultrasound that it was not a broken collarbone and no dislocation. “I can say it’s a serious muscle injury.” MRI should clarify whether surgery is necessary. “It’s to be feared that the season is over – with or without surgery,” Hamann said Monday afternoon before announcing the results of the MRI.

Diagnosis: Partial tearing of the pectoral muscle

The diagnosis came in the afternoon: “BG Göttingen will fight for the last sprint of the season in the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga without their top scorer Kamar Baldwin. The American guard fell in the first quarter of the match against s.Oliver Würzburg without being affected by the opponent and suffered a partial rupture of his pectoral muscle. Whether the 24-year-old will need surgery will be decided in the coming days.

If Meinertshagen quickly contradicted a possible signing at MagentaSport during the break during the Würzburg match, his answer to this question on Monday morning sounded different: “It is no longer out of the question,” he said of a possible addition to the team. .

However, the commitment must be completed by Thursday 31 March. Then the transfer phase ends. “It means that we do not just have to find a player before then. He must also have the association’s approval. It involves a relatively large administrative action, where we do not have everything in our own hands. “

It will be difficult to find a suitable replacement quickly. Baldwin has set the bar very high for this: In the league’s mid-season report at the end of the first series, he received two awards. In addition to best offensive player, he was also named best clutch player. The reason was: Ice water flows in his veins, it has been safe since his game winner last in Ulm. “Göttingen’s top scorer wound his way between two defenders to the curve in the 88:86 crime thriller’s victory for the violins and lowered the mark with the last siren. 18 points in the last quarter and led Göttingen to a 65:59 victory over the reigning champions. ” Against Bayreuth, he sank 0.4 seconds before the end of overtime a throw from the middle distance to the 92:91 success.In the narrow 85:86 defeat in Oldenburg, he already looked like the supposed match winner when he scored 85:83 four seconds before the end. Old champion Rickey Paulding, however, got his plans thwarted when he lowered a three-pointer to victory after a throw-in system 2.4 seconds before the end.

BG Göttingen conceded the third defeat in a row against s.Oliver Würzburg.

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A player who with an average of 19.0 points is number two on the goal scorer list in the Basketball Bundesliga, can not be replaced from one day to the next. It was not uncommon for the 24-year-old to be on the pitch for 30 minutes or more, and with 35 points, he even briefly held the season’s best of all players. In 15 of the 25 matches played so far, Baldwin was the best pitcher on his team, only twice – in Hamburg (7) and Ludwigsburg (6) – did he not score in double figures in away defeats.

It is almost tragic that in addition to Baldwin also TJ Shorts (20.6 points) from Hakro Merlin’s Crailsheim, who scored a little better than the violet guard, had to end the season ahead of time due to an injury. This means that BG Göttingen and Crailsheimer are fighting for playoff participation by almost the same means. However, the “magicians” have already found what they are looking for, and on Monday announced the signing of Mike Caffey from Kyiv Basket from Ukraine.

Vargas holds his teammates accountable

BG captain Akeem Vargas described the exact diagnosis of Baldwin’s injury as “modest info”. But he looked ahead: “Of course Kamar plays a key role in our team – both offensively and defensively. You can not just reduce it to 20 points per. fight. “Now everyone had to” do a little more “to” close the bigger hole that Kamar’s failure tears into scores “.

Asked about the recent performances, Vargas was open and critical as usual: “Of course, no one is thrilled that we lost so clearly twice in a row in our own hall. The last few matches were not okay, we let ourselves be pushed around. “He demands that the team pulls together even more, but also does not allow itself to be” distracted by the background noise “.” We need victories, we have exciting weeks ahead of us. Everyone involved is still happy with the course we are on. ”

BG head coach Roel Moors gave the team two days off to be mentally healthy and asked them to laugh a lot and be in a good mood for the next training session on Wednesday. “He expects a good mood and wants us to clear our heads. I think it’s a good approach, says Vargas, who spends time with his family and friends in Heidelberg.

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