Stay in shape despite a short time – 5 exercises, 10 minutes

According to a study, just a few minutes of exercise a day can save lives. How to use these daily minutes effectively? For example, with a simple workout consisting of 5 exercises that only take 10 minutes in total.

No time for sports? This excuse must not apply for health reasons. And as researchers have found, it does not always have to be two hours of training at the highest level of exertion. Just a few minutes a day is enough to have a positive effect on your health. Have you hardly practiced any sport so far and do not even know where and how to start? No problem – we present a workout that keeps you in shape with as little effort as 10 minutes a day.

Examine the effect of a few minutes of exercise a day

If you are sporty, you live healthier. This is hardly news. A recently published study also showed that just 10 minutes of exercise a day can save about 110,000 lives a year across the population – and that in the United States alone, where the study took place.1 This was determined using data from persons 40 years of age and older whose activity level was recorded using an accelerometer. A comparison with the death rate shows the enormous effect that just a few minutes of exercise a day has on health – reported FITBOOK.

Keep fit with 10 minutes of exercise a day

That’s the good news. But those who have barely been able to get together to play sports or have given up due to lack of time may not even know where and how to start. First of all, it must be said: You do not have to register in a gym, expensive equipment or extensive previous sports knowledge to do something for your health with 10 minutes of exercise a day. Sports equipment manufacturer “Reebok” has worked with personal trainer Joe Mitton to develop a simple workout that can be easily performed at home.

So get in your comfortable clothes, create some space in the room and let’s go! With just 5 exercises, you can reach the movement goal recommended in the study mentioned above and stay in shape in just 10 minutes. The individual exercises are explained below. A total of 10 repetitions must be performed per. exercise, and 5 rounds of these must be completed.

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5 easy everyday exercises that only take 10 minutes to doPhoto: Reebok

Exercise 1: Star Jump

The Star Jumps exercise is also called Sternsprung in German. Its execution is technically simple, but nonetheless effective. Just squat and jump up, stretching your legs and arms straight out to the side. You form a star with your body – hence the name Star Jumps.

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Exercise 2: Squats

Squat is one of the classic bodyweight exercises, which of course can be made harder with a weight that you hold in your hands. Start by standing straight, then lower your hips and squat. Then you get up again. When lowering the squat, bend your hips and knees, as well as your ankles. For a correct posture when performing the exercise, you should make sure that your knees do not protrude beyond the tips of your toes.

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Exercise 3: Push-ups

For push-ups, lie flat on your stomach in the starting position. Now place your hands under your shoulders and lift your body up until your arms are straight. Advanced or more experienced people keep their legs straight and stand on their toes to lift their full body weight. The exercise can be made easier by lowering the knees to the floor. With both variants, make sure that the upper body remains straight.

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4. Exercise: outcome

Lunges or lunges are ideal for shaping the buttocks. You step forward with one bent leg so that it forms a right angle. Meanwhile, the hind leg remains straight. As with squats, it is important to make sure that your front knee does not go past your toes.

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Exercise 5: Crunches

Last but not least, the abdomen should not be forgotten during a full body workout – no matter how short it may be. A simple exercise to train your core muscles is crunches. To do this, lie on your back on the floor or a mat and place your feet flat on the floor so that your knees are bent. Now tighten the abdominal muscles as you move your upper body up towards your legs or hips from this position. If necessary, support head and neck with bent hands. However, be careful not to pull your head forward when your upper body rises. The head should remain as straight as possible during the exercise.


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