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Picture: With his international debut, Nico Schlotterbeck has reached the top so far. (© IMAGO / Uwe Kraft)

With the starting eleven against Israel, the time had finally come: Nico Schlotterbeck completed his long-awaited first international for Germany under Hansi Flick.

The midfielder from SC Freiburg first sees the pitch with his blonde hair, but at second glance he convinces with his intelligent and forward-looking style of play.

But who is Nico Schlotterbeck private and away from the football field? We look at the Schlotterbeck family with brother and father, look at boyfriend, salary and more.

Sporty Schlotterbeck family with brother Keven

After a two-year break, Nico Schlotterbeck played again for SC Freiburg in the 2021/22 season with his brother Keven. First, Keven was loaned out to Union Berlin, then Nico followed a year later.

Meanwhile, Nico, who is two years younger, has overtaken his brother on the internal rankings and established himself as a regular player. But not only that: he even played his first international match against Israel in March 2022.

The brothers get out of it really well and push each other to top performance in training. Nico once said in an interview that he did not like playing in the same club as his brother. The reason is the competition for the same position.

Before the direct duel last season, Nico struck out against Keven: “If it came to that, I would knock him out.” He is generally regarded as the more impulsive of the two brothers, whose calm is particularly evident on the pitch. , not of it.

It was clear early on that both have inherited the athlete genes from the family …

Characteristics of Nico Schlottbeck

personal details
Date of birth: 12/01/1999
Place of birth: Waiblingen
Size: 1.91 m
Position: central defense
Number: 4
until 2007 SG Weinstadt Jgd.
2007-2014 Stuttgarter Kickers Jgd.
2014-2015 VfR Aalen Jgd.
2015-2017 Karlsruhe SC
2017-2020 Sc Freiburg
2020-2021 Union Berlin
2021 – today Sc Freiburg
national team
2017 Germany U18
2017 Germany U19
2018 Germany U20
2019-2021 Germany U21
2022 Germany

Uncle Niels was also a professional football player

Because with Uncle Niels, a Schlotterbeck has already made a name for himself on the big stage. He played over 200 times in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga and was active with Stuttgarter Kickers, Freiburg and 1860 Munich, among others.

After the end of his playing career, Niels Schlotterbeck opened a special school for young football players. Nico and Keven were also there at the start and were specifically encouraged by their uncle, as the latter explained in the Tagesspiegel interview.

Marvin Zimmermann is Niels’ son and, like his brother Marcel, is also a football player. However, it was not enough for them to take the plunge into the professional field.

However, Niels is extremely optimistic about the Freiburg brothers: “If they continue as they have been, are lucky and get on the right team, the journey can still go a long way for both of them.”

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Nico Schlottbeck’s father must end his career early

Nico’s father Marc was far less successful than Niels. He had to bury his dreams of a great career as an 18-year-old – an illness was the cause.

Niels explains the story of his brother Marc Schlotterbeck: “He was also with Kickers in his youth and was a very good football player, but then he had to be in the hospital for three months – that was his football career.”

Basically, the Schlotterbeck parents, including mother Susanne, tend to stay in the background. Understandably, they see their sons’ careers with a lot of friends.

They are doing “excellently”, according to Susanne Schlotterbeck, who still lives with Marc in the native Beutelsbach. However, it was difficult when Schlotterbecks played for various Bundesliga clubs.

“Because they had to run two TVs side by side,” Nico says. “Then it’s more my mother who has my game [von Union Berlin, d. Red.] looked at, my father from Freiburg. ”

But curious about Father Schlotterbeck: Like Uncle Niels’, the right foot was stronger. But for both Nico and Keven, it is now the left.

Nico Schlotterbeck girlfriend: Who is the national player with?

After moving to Union Berlin in the summer of 2020, Nico Schlotterbeck stated in an interview that he had moved in with his girlfriend for the first time.

“This is the first time I have been away from my family with my partner. I have got used to it here,” said the Bundesliga star.

But Schlotterbeck fans have been waiting in vain for further details, because you can not see anything from Nico’s girlfriend on social media either.

After all, there are holiday photos on Instagram – but only with the group of friends.

Nico Schlottbeck gets so much pay at SC Freiburg

Despite his rapid rise to national team status, Nico Schlotterbeck is a colleague Anton Stach not yet a major earner in the Bundesliga.

SC Freiburg pays Nico Schlotterbeck a salary of € 19,000 a month. That means an annual salary of € 224,000.

In the 1. Bundesliga, it is well below the average monthly salary for all known contracts. It is clear that his salary will increase in the future given the market value of € 28 million.

Schlotterbeck to BVB, Bavaria or abroad?

But where is this future? A Schlotterbeck transfer to BVB and Bayern has been speculated for several months. Borussia Dortmund want to sign the young international as a replacement for Manuel Akanji.

FC Bayern are looking for a successor to Niklas Süle, who in turn signed for Dortmund. As the Schlotterbeck contract only runs until 2023, a change this summer is realistic.

After all, it would be the last chance for SC to take another fee for their top player. So could he join in the future? Jamal Musiala at FCB or with a BVB target Karim Adeyemi playing together?

At first glance, he would fit better into Borussia Dortmund’s plans as a left-footed player. He himself said that he did not necessarily have to take the step abroad.

In the same interview, however, he stated that he would play for the best club in Germany – and BVB is actually not in the competition here.

Portrait: Bavarian young Paul Wanner

Schlotterbeck shirt in the closet of the model Max Kruse?

Nico Schlotterbeck chose the scandal noodle Max Kruse as a role model in Union Berlin. The passionate poker player likes to say what he thinks – Schlotterbeck likes that.

He even describes Kruse as a “spiritual brother” who he resembles himself as he does not let anyone tell him anything. After all, advice from Christian Streich and National coach Hansi Flick must penetrate.

“I do not let anyone tell me anything. I think Max used to be like that too. I just think you need that in professional football. Because if you just say ‘yes and amen’, then it’s hard to get started. ”

He not only shared the closet in Union Berlin with Kruse, but also rode with him to the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo. That it was not enough for a medal – free.

Hair and cheers: Unique and eye-catching

Nico Schlotterbeck’s confidence is also reflected in two other details on the pitch: his hair and his muscle cheers.

“I have now started to score goals, which is definitely good as a central defender,” said the man from Freiburg, who often goes to the gym with his colleagues Benjamin Uphoff and Lukas Kübler. That was where the idea for the biceps celebration came from.

“I told them that if I scored, I would show my biceps. It should be a small gag. Now I have scored a few goals and had to make the gag more often,” Schlotterbeck explains.

Incidentally, his hair became peroxide blonde during the corona pandemic, simply because he “always wanted” to have it dyed.

The restart with a striking hairstyle was successful. Nico Schlotterbeck is currently playing more successfully than ever before. But where will he do it in the future?

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