Olpe: Why two friends break out of their comfort zone

Jaqueline Hardenacke and Isabell Henke from Olpe want beyond their personal boundaries. Why they get up before sunrise for this:

“In fact, we are up late and are definitely morning pieces,” says Isabell Henke, looking meaningfully at her friend Jaqueline Hardenacke. Both laugh. However, the 28-year-olds from Olpe have declared their weaker I war. They want to break out of their comfort zone, experience small adventures in everyday life and create new routines for themselves. To do this, they get up every morning just before sunrise and play sports in nature. On their Instagram account They share their impression “over stick and over stone” – authentic, down to earth and fun.

The two friends have always enjoyed playing sports together. “Even if you do not look at us,” they write in their appearance on Instagram. Around Beauty ideals, diets and Optimization mania but it should not work at all. For them, the focus is on having fun training in a place where they feel comfortable. “We are nature lovers and have always loved being outside,” says Jaqueline. The two, however, mostly played sports – at least in routine form – indoors. Very classic in the gym. “But we did not like that at all. It was a bit boring because the process was always the same. And it bothered us that you go in for sports, even when the weather is good, ”says Isabell.

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Get out of the gym, away from comparisons with others

At the same time, the fitness center is a place where one compares oneself. “I never had the feeling that you could really turn it off. Most of the time we ended up talking about how the day was and what was going on at work, ”says Jaqueline. The friends took their education together to become educators and later did social pedagogy in Cologne educated. Today they work in Josefshaus Olpe, a healing educational home for children and young people. It is a demanding and often emotionally stressful task. A balance where the head can pause is all the more important. Jaqueline and Isabell have found this with their individual strength interval training in nature.

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And why all this at dawn? “Because we work in shifts, there is a certain irregularity in our everyday lives. By going out in the morning, seeing beautiful sunrises and seeing new things every morning, we create regularity, ”explains Jaqueline. Getting up early – even if it is difficult every day – and exercising in the fresh air gives you strength for the day. Also mentally. “And it’s also really nice when you have something from your partner in the evening, or you can just sit on the couch with a clear conscience,” says Isabell.

“Über Stick und über Stein” – by the way, a line from the children’s song “Hopp, hopp, hopp, Pferdchen lafen gallop!” – is about trying things out. Also with the rankings. Some of them still know them from their childhood, such as “Skovstien Grænseløs” in Olpe. “But there are so many exercise trails in the area that have been forgotten. We want to change that, ”says Jaqueline. “We will definitely support our area. It can also happen that we open Sauerland Platt teasing around. “

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Moments of failure are also shown

Jaqueline and Isabell spend one to one and a half hours each morning for their outdoor workout. This includes warming up, walking or jogging and strength exercises at body weight. “We often use benches or branches that we find on site,” Jaqueline says. It happens very intuitively. Sports professionals – they say themselves – they are not. “Absolutely not,” Isabell says, laughing. “We are always open to suggestions for what else we could do and where.” The primary purpose is to have fun with exercise and maybe to motivate one or the other. And not with perfectionism. “We also record the moments that do not work. It’s okay to make a mistake. ”

For almost three weeks, the two friends have been facing their daily bastard. So far, they have been lucky with the weather. But what if there is rain, wind or snow? “Then the functional clothing and the waterproofing spray are unpacked,” says Jaqueline confidently. For darker days, the two want to get headlamps.


  • Their challenges also include cross-border experiences: Such were Jaqueline and Isabell in mid-March Ice bathing in Lister at the campsite Gut Kalberschnacke – in 3 degree cold water.
  • There are several impressions of her trip on Instagram under “ueber_stock_und_ueber_stein”.

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