Neusäß-Steppach: How gymnastics for young children promotes endurance and fitness

For many months, even the little ones could not go to the Steppach gym to play sports. Exercises are important for development – also for the brain.

The time is 16.00 and children’s gymnastics time at TSV Steppach. Three-year-old Carlotta can not get to the TSV Steppach gym fast enough. Her toddler gym class, which she always looks forward to, is on its way again. “The very next day, she asks when she can do gymnastics again,” says her mother Marissa Hellwig, who goes out on her bike. Neusäss coming. On the question of her favorite exercise, little Carlotta does not have to think long. Her favorite thing is to slip across a “river” on gymnastic rings and then bravely jump down, she says enthusiastically. But gymnastics for the little ones is about more than just having fun for the kids.

Only in the fall after a long time after corona Pediatric gymnastics can begin again, says the chairman of TSV Steppach, Siegfried Schmid. Meanwhile, the supply with five groups – one of them on Saturday morning – has settled down completely again and the demand is huge. “We urgently need coaches, helpers and mothers who want to support us,” Schmid made clear. He would like pediatric gymnastics to be further expanded and offered more closely to all age groups. “I can not put a four-year-old in a group with a seven-year-old. The ability and the interest are far apart. Here we need to differentiate more.”

Ball games train many skills in coordination

Parents (grandparents) children’s courses should also be offered, as well as pure ball game afternoons. Behind this is the desire from TSV Steppach to offer a broad basic education from a young age, which will then lead to specialization in the favorite sport from a certain age. Matthias Lüer and his matchmate Margarita Aumiller lead the children’s group on Thursday and know very well how to inspire the little ones with various games and gymnastics. The children’s gymnastics could be offered again, primarily due to the personal commitment of the two as well as Lorenz Schmid and Ruth Swatosch, who made themselves available as coaches.

Three-year-old Carlotta can hardly wait to get to the gym. She is accompanied by Mama Melissa and her little sister Paulina.

Photo: Jutta Kaiser-Wiatrek

Matthias Lüer, for example, came through the flea market group Steppach to TSV Steppach. He has his C-trainer in mass sports and was asked if he would take on this task. He was happy to receive, especially since his three-year-old son Henri already has a lot of fun with “sports” and is always eager to do so. “The penguin slide is always a highlight for the kids, as are all the games and exercises with animal names,” the trainer says. And then after small games to warm up, the kids sneak up like a cat, sit on the floor like an eagle or jump from a snatch like a frog. And besides their physical abilities, they also train their memory.

How the “fox” is supposed to lose his “tail”.

The movement landscape, a kind of course that the children have to master by jumping from the trampoline onto a thick gym mat, then slipping under benches, climbing over or balancing or crawling under colorful tires, then follows in the main part. Finally, the goal is to catch the fox’s “tail”, a red cloth tucked into his pants. And it begins. The fox runs and everyone follows, squeaking and laughing until you finally have the tail and are the new fox.

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All of these exercises serve to turn children into real movement talents and to improve their fitness, coordination and endurance. Things that were often neglected in the corona pandemic. Even with elementary school children, teachers often enough find that girls and boys are no longer able to implement basic movement sequences like a somersault or to catch and throw balls as well. Even toddler gymnastics counteracts this. But the kids don’t care. For them, of course, the most important thing is to have fun while exercising.

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