Mick Schumacher speaks after his horror accident – “I am completely fit”

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Of: Christoph Gschossmann


Mick Schumacher misses the race in Saudi Arabia after his violent crash. © HochZwei / Imago

A frightening accident with Mick Schumacher overshadows the qualification for the Formula 1 race in Saudi Arabia. Now he speaks up.

17:31: Mick Schumacher feels no aftermath of his serious accident in Saudi Arabia’s qualification. “I’m completely in shape,” the Haas driver said in the fold on Sunday. “It shows the safety of cars today.”

At his own discretion, the son of record-breaking world champion Michael Schumacher would have been able to run this year’s second Grand Prix. The 23-year-old reported that “an extremely large number” of parts broke on his Haas. It is therefore a question of limiting damage in order to be able to sit in an operational car in Melbourne again in two weeks.

Schumacher plunged sideways into the high-speed track barrier in the second round of the starting position hunt on the ultra-fast street track in Jeddah on Saturday. The car was flung across the track, lost two wheels and then stopped badly damaged.

Schumacher was later examined at the track hospital. He was then flown by helicopter to King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah for further testing as a precautionary measure. “It was probably a little more dramatic for people outside than for me,” said Schumacher, who wanted to “joke” with his team a little on the car Sunday.

Formula 1: Verstappen sounds the alarm after Schumacher’s accident

Update from March 27 at 15:32: World champion Max Verstappen has criticized the course in Saudi Arabia after Mick Schumacher’s accident. The Dutchman is particularly annoyed with the developers of the racetrack: “If you lose the car like Mick and crash into the track, it’s painful and very, very dangerous. Not only that, straights are not really straight because they have a lot of blind little corners. “

Verstappen continues: “I do not understand why it was designed that way. If you’re supposed to have full throttle, just make a straight line out of it, it’s safer for everyone.”

In December 2021, among others, today’s Mercedes driver George Russell described the route as “unnecessarily risky”. Since then, some changes have taken place. Russell’s opinion today: “The problem is that if you change too much, you lose the DNA from a street circuit. A lot can still be done, but if you lose the car at this pace and there are no drainage zones, you end up in the wall. ”

Saudi Arabia GP: Track too dangerous? Formula 1 drivers express themselves

Update from March 27 at 11:16: Mick Schumacher’s horror accident – a clear sign that the Formula 1 track in Saudi Arabia is not safe enough? Some of Schumacher’s driver colleagues now publicly represent this theory.

“This is the biggest accident we’ve ever seen on this track,” said record world champion Lewis Hamilton. Policeman Sergio Perez added: “This is the most dangerous course on the calendar. If something happens, it is often a serious accident.” For Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, the Jeddah Corniche Circuit with its blind spots is simply “on the border”.

Criticism of the Saudi GP not only because the track is too unsafe

The high-speed concrete canal in Jeddah has hurt drivers in the stomach ever since Schumacher’s violent crash in qualifying. The 23-year-old Haas was literally crushed in the collision at just over 200 km / h, Schumacher miraculously escaped unharmed and was able to leave the hospital on Saturday night. The industry held its breath until this relief message came out.

Also due to the off-field safety situation – there was an attack on an oil plant – the Saudi Arabian GP is making negative headlines. Hamilton said he looks forward to leaving as soon as possible. However, it is unlikely that the drivers will be spared the track in the near future: Formula 1 has a ten-year contract with Saudi Arabia worth $ 900 million.

The representatives of the racing teams passed the responsibility on to the Formula 1 management and the International Automobile Association FIA. “Teams are not reaching the calendar,” said Sebastian Vettel’s new boss Mike Krack. At Sky, the Aston Martin team boss said: “If we no longer go to such countries, we will look the other way. Then it’s like a boycott, and it’s not conducive either.”

First report: Can Mick Schumacher start after his horror crash? Now there is clarity

Our first message: Jeddah – First a huge explosion, then a horror crash: Saudi Arabia’s Formula 1 Grand Prix (here in the live ticker) continues to make headlines before the race. At more than 250 kilometers per hour, Mick Schumacher crashed into the side of the track barrier during qualifying on Saturday. His car was hurled across the track and then stopped badly damaged. Worried moments followed. Now it is clear: A start in the race is impossible.

Fortunately, the worst fears were not confirmed: “We heard that Mick is conscious and has left the car,” the Haas team announced immediately after the crash. For the TV viewers, it was still anxious seconds, the 23-year-old crouched in his crashed race car, then the ambulance drove to the track hospital. But even though the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher easily escaped, he does not participate in the second race of the season on Sunday (19.00 / here all information about the TV broadcast).

“We had no more radio contact” – anxious moments for Mick Schumacher

The qualification on the ultra-fast street track by the Red Sea was immediately interrupted after Schumacher’s accident. “We no longer had radio contact,” said Haas team manager Günther Steiner. Then came the relief. The Formula 1 doctors found no external injuries in Schumacher, a few minutes after the accident he was able to talk to mother Corinna.

Son of F1 legend Michael Schumacher was lucky in an accident. TV pictures soon showed him sitting on a stretcher, laughing and gesturing violently while talking to spectators. As a precaution, Schumacher was flown by helicopter to King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah for further testing. This is done “to ensure that there is no damage to the body,” Steiner told Sky TV. Schumacher was then allowed to return to the hotel late in the evening. “I just wanted to say I’m fine,” he wrote on social media.

Formula 1: It was not Mick Schumacher’s first accident in Saudi Arabia

It was not Schumacher’s first accident in Saudi Arabia. Almost four months ago, Schumacher had an accident during the race at the premiere of the Grand Prix in Jeddah. This time he has to do without a start. The Haas team first wants to send Danish Kevin Magnussen on the field on Sunday “in the light of the incident”. It would probably also have been difficult to repair Schumacher’s largely damaged car in time. In qualifying on Saturday, he was classified as number 14.

There was a surprise on the starting grid for the race: somewhat surprisingly, Sergio Perez took the Red Bull pole position for the first time in his career. Mexican opening winner Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz took second and third place. World champion Max Verstappen had to settle for fourth place in the second Red Bull.

Formula 1: Hamilton weak, Hulkenberg in 18th place

Also surprisingly, record world champion Lewis Hamilton failed in the first round of qualifying. The British Mercedes driver did not get past 16th place. “I’m so sorry, boys,” the 37-year-old radioed to the pit. The workday also ended early for Nico Hülkenberg. The representative of the corona-infected Sebastian Vettel took an 18th place in Aston Martin.

At first, it was not at all certain whether the race would take place at all, for the riders had previously discussed late into the night with the leaders of the racing series and the Saudi authorities whether the Grand Prix should take place. During the first training session on Friday, Yemeni Houthi rebels used a rocket to attack an oil plant owned by Formula 1 main sponsor Aramco near the racetrack. The measures for the safety of the race have been maximized, it says. Only under this condition did the drivers consent to their further participation. One has to hope that the GP is spared further terrible news from the race itself. (cg with dpa)

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