Jump rope: With this fitness gadget, losing weight is a child’s play

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It’s easy to lose weight with this fitness gadget

Thursday, March 24, 2022 | 14:43

Many people probably think of jumping rope as a childhood pastime. But far from it. It is not for nothing that jumping rope, also known as rope skipping, has been a popular training for boxers for a long time. Skipping burns more calories than most other sports. Best of all, sports fans only need one for training Skipping rope.

Lose weight: Burn up to 1,000 calories by jumping in ropes

That skipping rope is far ahead of other forms of exercise is already evident from the number of calories burned depending on the form of exercise. While jogging burns about 600 calories in an hour, cycling burns about 660. Rowing can even burn about 800 calories, while rope jumping can burn up to 1,000 calories. But how does it work? When jumping in ropes, the whole body’s muscles are used. Everything is trained from legs to abdomen and back muscles to arms. That Skipping rope is the perfect tool for effective training of the whole body. Fast jumping and high intensity burn many calories, similar to HIT training. But regular jumping sessions can also be helpful for endurance. You also train your own coordination and balance.

Find the right skipping rope

When it comes to skipping ropes, there are a large number of suppliers and there are major differences in terms of rope material and any additional features. Ropes with easy-running ball bearings are ideal for swinging particularly well, and steel ropes as these are more robust. So Amazon has one Skipping rope from WITKID for EUR 8.99, which consists of a PVC-coated, durable steel cable and soft handles in a spongy material that is particularly comfortable to hold.

That Multifun skipping rope, which costs 14.99 euros on Amazon, comes with a special extra. It has an integrated timer that can be used to show the number of jumps, the duration of the workout and the calories burned. It makes the training so much the more effective because you can keep an accurate overview of the training successes.

This is important to remember when jumping in ropes

Create the right training conditions

Before training, it is fundamentally important to warm up so that you can prevent injuries. In addition, the right footwear is important, so you should make sure that the shoes have sufficient forefoot cushioning, as you can Jumping rope mainly burdens football. The ground also plays an important role: during training, the ground must mitigate movement, ie. asphalt, i.e. jumping rope on the street is not really suitable. Instead, lawn, rug or plastic courts are ideal for training with the skipping rope.

2. Find the right rope length

As with many other training tools, the right length is important when jumping rope. That So the rope should always be in the right proportion to your body size. To do this, you can simply take the ends of the rope in your hands, stand in the middle of the rope, then bend your arms and pull the rope up towards you. The rope has the perfect length when the handles reach just below your chest.

3. Find the right jumping technique

There are two basic jumping techniques in jumping rope. With one, jumping behaves in the same way as jogging. This means that you alternately jump over the rope with both feet. The second technique involves jumping over the rope with both feet at the same time and adding an intermediate jump on the ground between each jump. Ten minutes of jumping rope three to four days a week is a good starting point to start with. From there, the duration and frequency of the training can be continuously adapted to your own condition.

Lose yourself with fun – thanks to bouncy ropes

Anyone looking for an effective training method to lose weight can easily integrate jumping ropes into everyday life. Ideally, it should be added to normal muscle training as the muscles become even more defined as a result of jumping in ropes.

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