“I’m still in an intermediate stage”

Just over three years after the end of his great NBA career, Dirk Nowitzki has no concrete professional plans for the future. “I’m still in an intermediate stage trying something,” the German basketball idol in Cologne said on Tuesday: “I’m not ready to commit to one thing.” In addition, Nowitzki spoke about rookie Franz Wagner.

“At some point, something will happen,” the 43-year-old said. It’s a lot of fun at the moment “spending time with the kids, who are also getting into the sport”. The Würzburger has a daughter and two sons with his wife Jessica.

His injured foot is clearly giving him problems, the bone mill NBA has left its mark. “I’m not so fit that I could make a comeback,” the 43-year-old says to the hardly serious question of a possible return to the basketball court for the home European Championship: “The times are over.”

Instead, Nowitzki rides the bike a little to keep fit, “plays a little tennis from time to time,” says the father of the family, “I do not think basketball will ever be in my life anymore.” Throw something, “that works, says Nowitzki: “But I do not want to run a marathon anymore. I have already had a few pains, but otherwise I get around pretty well.”

Nowitzki, in his role as ambassador for the European Championships 2022 (September 1 to 18) in the cathedral city, wants to at least intensify the work of his former club in Dallas in the future. “It’s clear I’m more involved with the Mavericks,” said the 2011 NBA champion, “I’m currently in an advisory role.”

In addition, Nowitzki is chairman of the players’ commission in the world federation FIBA. Most recently, Würzburgeren has been a guest at the headquarters in Mies / Switzerland, where he participated for the first time in a board meeting as a member. “We are asked can provide input,” Nowitzki said of his assignments. “It’s fun and I learn a lot.” There are “13, 14 old players” involved.

Nowitzki has always stressed that he can not imagine a coaching career. Other than that, the former star player has not ruled out anything.

Dirk Nowitzki “Franz Wagner surprised us all”

Meanwhile, rookie Franz Wagner made a big impression on Nowitzki with his performances in the NBA. “Franz surprised us all, he has a great season,” said Nowitzki: “He is an incredible all-round player of his age.”

Berliner Wagner (20) has an average of 15.4 points for the Orlando Magic in his first NBA season and has so far been convincing along the entire line. His older brother Moritz (24) also plays for the Florida team, both of which are among the many candidates for this year’s European Championships (September 1-18).

“If everyone is ready, we would have seven NBA players available,” said Nowitzki, who will be there as European Ambassador to Cologne (preliminary round) and Berlin (final round): “I hope we have a fantastic European Championship. in our home country. “

However, the 43-year-old will probably not be in the German locker room at the height of the year. “It’s not planned at the moment that I should be part of the team. It’s not really my thing,” Nowitzki stressed. He had already kept it that way at the 2019 World Cup in China.

Dirk Nowitzki: DHB has “a lot of potential”

The German national team has “a lot of potential. The boys had a fantastic summer. They were at the Olympics, which no one thought before,” said Nowitzki, “I think we have taken a step forward.”

However, it does not guarantee success. “Is everyone fit? Does the team fit well together?” These are important questions about each tournament. “A little bit of luck” is of course also “always a part of it”.

The selection of the German Basketball Federation (DBB) meets France, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Hungary in the preliminary round in late summer. Four teams advance to the quarterfinals. “It’s a difficult group I drew,” Nowitzki said.

There is no real tournament favorite. “France is at the forefront, Spain is always at the forefront,” Nowitzki said. The arm of happiness also has great confidence in the DBB team: “If it goes to Berlin, anything is possible.”

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