Hulkenberg concludes with a comeback


Red Bull with the old Mercedes problem?

The new rules have so far been convincing and brought us exciting races in the first two races of the season. Nevertheless, there still seem to be things at the top that are not going so well.

“I think as a pursuer you just open the tires a little earlier and it’s not that good out there. Because as soon as I felt like I had clean air, the car’s balance changed a bit. Yes, we’ll look at that. “But of course there are still some things we need to keep track of, because the car is still very new.”

We remember: Even the once mighty Mercedes drove best when it could run past everyone else, but ran into trouble when it got into traffic.


Over on Instagram

With the spectacular photos that our photo colleagues show us from each race, we not only emphasize our reporting here on the website. Some are literally shouting for a social media platform like Instagram. There you can follow us for such impressive snapshots, interesting quotes or breaking news:


question marks remain

After the Bahrain Grand Prix, our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll was already thinking about whether Vettel would return at all:

Which suggests that Vettel will not return

“Who slept worst last night” is now available as a video! After Bahrain, Sebastian Vettel is the loser of the weekend for us. More Formula 1 videos


Hülkenberg draws a line below

That’s what a double header entails: After Sebastian Vettel was tested positive for Corona shortly before the start of the season, Nico Hülkenberg had to stand in front of him in two races at Aston Martin. Now the replacement pilot is saying goodbye to his guest appearance.

On Twitter, he writes: “The last 10 days came unexpectedly – were very eventful, intense but amazing! Good times! Hulkenback 3.0 is packed.”

But it should be mentioned: It is assumed that Vettel can seriously drive again in Australia next week, but has not yet been officially confirmed.


Family father Hamilton

We all know what a Lewis Hamilton racing machine is. Apart from the track, the seven-time world champion does not let anything get in the way of his family. “I still remember wishing I had a brother from Dad when I was younger, and then you came. You were the greatest gift ever,” he wrote on Brother Nicolas’ birthday yesterday on social media.

12:47 p.m.


How to summarize a race, of course:


New rules – new problems

This year, the teams must not only worry about how to best develop the new cars, but also how to finance it. Keywords: budget ceiling. And there have been new problems in recent weeks, as Formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali knows: “Inflation is developing in an unpredictable direction, and transport costs have also risen in recent weeks in a way that is difficult to predict.”

Ferrari team manager Mattia Binotto therefore points out: “The budget limit will affect the pace of development. I think we need to make sure that this is properly controlled, because it can be a game changer in the battle for development.”


order must be

We can not say with certainty whether such a fluttering particle costs performance. But we can well imagine that it is annoying in the driver’s field of vision! So it’s no wonder Max Verstappen takes his hand off the wheel in a racing situation at all …


Miracle of Brawn

This event is already a teenager: 13 years ago today, the Brawn GP underlined its surprisingly good test performance with a double victory at the season opener. Spoiler: They ended up taking the title.

Have you missed why it was such a spectacle back then? So we dug something out about the team’s history here.


Spaces or lap time?

George Russell also has a comprehension problem. After the race, the Mercedes driver asked his racing engineer what the distance to the winner was. Answer: 32.7. Russell is not quite sure if that means the distance in seconds or the lap time …

Sunday’s fastest race round went to Leclerc with 1: 31.634 minutes.


Good question!

Via the hashtag #FragMST we were asked why there is a difference between qualification and the race in the track record.

Strictly speaking, a distinction is made between distance and lap records. The lap record is the fastest ever run in a race. Below the track record, what was produced by all other official timekeeping.

The difference is made simply because of the circumstances. Because in race trim you set completely different requirements for fuel, tires, traffic and the like than in a qualification or practice round.


Wolff emphasizes: No pressure was put on the driver

Despite the spectacular race action on Sunday, the events that preceded it have not been forgotten. The riders want to further discuss the circumstances under which they were to compete in Saudi Arabia (read more here). On Friday, it looked like they would boycott the race for a long time. Since that did not happen, there has continued to be suspicion that the drivers were persuaded to stay.

“There was no pressure on our part, it was good conversations,” emphasizes Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. “When the team leaders talked to the drivers, I think what we were discussing made sense and was not pressure at all, but it might have been perceived differently.”


Gaseous pain in the radio

As we have previously reported, Pierre Gasly did not have a particularly pleasant Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia. The AlphaTauri pilot suffered from bowel problems and severe pain. Here you can get an impression of how it sounds on the radio …


That’s how much a total depreciation costs

At Haas, we fans are of course relieved that nothing happened to Mick Schumacher in his serious accident in the qualifiers. To Melbourne, however, they now have to set up a new car. Because apart from the engine and the survival cell, there is not much left of the VF-22.

“I think the cost is pretty high because the whole suspension is broken: except for the front left. I think there’s still something about it. The rest is just carbon powder,” explains team manager Günther Steiner. “I do not know what the price is, but everything from the transmission to the whole body to the radiators is gone – I would say $ 500,000 to $ 1 million.”

Photo gallery: The photos of Mick Schumacher’s accident in the qualification in Jeddah


Good morning!

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