German U 21 is taking a big step towards the European Championships in Israel

The German U-21 national team narrowly won the top match in qualifying group B 1-0 with the pursuers Israel and took a big step towards the European Championships. A single top-class chance of 90 minutes was enough for DFB-Elfen.

Goal of the day: Noah Katterbach (right) celebrates his winning goal.
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Shortly before the kick-off, the German team received unpleasant news: Captain Burkardt, who was originally intended for starting 11, had to pass at short notice due to a hardened hind thigh. Thielmann, who should have rotated out of the formation, played from the start – so did Tillman and Bella Kotchap (for Bauer), who were new to the team after beating Latvia 4-0.

Burkardt’s captaincy, however, went to Stiller, who created the only real danger in the first half with his set pieces and prepared shots from Tillman (8 ‘) and Dardai (12’). From the match, the efforts of the German team remained manageable despite clear ball dominance. Israel closed the center, traded poisonously in duels and allowed almost no dangerous attacks. Result: An extremely uneventful first half where neither team went out of play on any significant occasions.

A strong start from Thielmann is enough

That only changed shortly after the restart – and it was Israel who had the first good chance, replacing Davida missed from a narrow angle (49th). The hosts acted in a 4-3-3 after the break and were actually the better team – but the German team hit so icy exactly in Israel’s best phase. A targeted attack from Thielmann on the left side and a clever cross pass to Katterbach, who had moved up, was enough – and the DFB team was already a bit flattering in front (60th).

Shortly after, the goal scorer was lucky that Abada was not able to use a blunder to equalize (71.) – which would have been anything but undeserved. The Israelis became more and more offensive, but the German defense defended itself wisely and above all passionately: Vagnoman and Bella Kotchap threw themselves into two dangerous shots by substitute Buganim (85th, 88th) and thus saved the somewhat lucky success over time.

goals and maps

0: 1Katterbach (60 ‘, left foot, Thielmann)





referee team

Jeremy Pignard

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Also good for the German team: Poland had previously only played 1-1 against Hungary, so the lead in second place is now five points. Di Salvo’s team can secure qualification in the next qualifier on June 3 against Hungary.

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