“Cristiano Ronaldo was bloody annoying,” said Wayne Rooney

Wthe image of Cristiano Ronaldo as a teammate has been sketched again and again by a number of well-known companions over the years. They painted a picture of a man who trains a lot, is incredibly disciplined in his life, has an extraordinary sleep pattern and in whose presence, as has been heard from recent reports, teammates on team nights are even afraid to eat dessert.

Fridays are often a so-called “cheat day” at his club Manchester United. What is served on the table is something that is otherwise rarely served by professionals: cake, pudding, ice cream with cream e.g. Now that 37-year-old Ronaldo was present at such a meal and he was served the usual healthy diet, usually consisting of fish, chicken, veal, eggs, avocado, fresh salad, coconut oil and black rice, no one was there. moved the team. , as usual, the dessert. “It was just: What does Ronaldo have on the table? Aha, so we can only eat that. No one dared get dessert,” reserve goalkeeper Lee Grant once said.

Of course, it can be exhausting at times, and such was the case for Wayne Rooney at the time, as he now reported. The two had spent a number of years together at Manchester United, England’s superstar and rising global star together on the offensive. Those were good years for the club, but also challenging years for Rooney along with Ronaldo. So he tells it now after a report on “The Sun”. “Cristiano was so good and so damn annoying at the same time. He’s probably not that good now, but he’s probably just as annoying, Rooney said at an exclusive dinner event in Manchester.

“Ronaldo looked at me as if he wanted to apologize”

Even as an opponent, the Portuguese is not necessarily the most comfortable. Rooney recalled his firing at the 2006 World Cup in the quarter-finals against Portugal. The “most frightening moment of my career,” as he once said. This was initiated by a kick against Portugal’s Ricardo Carvalho. Ironically, Rooney’s former United team-mate Ronaldo vehemently demanded his dismissal.

“I went to him in the locker room after the match. It was important for me to talk to him while it was still fresh, and say it straight to his face. He looked at me as if he wanted to apologize. I’m English, he “is Portuguese. When we play, I do not care about him. He is not my friend. But when we are done, we will be friends again,” said Rooney.

Wayne Rooney (left) and Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate winning the 2007 championship

Source: pa / dpa / epa Magi Haroun

The situation was different for Rio Ferdinand, the former Manchester United defender. The 36-year-old Rooney apparently still hung out with him today. “Rio is a top player, but he’s just arrogant,” Rooney said, recounting a conversation with Ferdinand from the past: “He said to me: ‘At Manchester United you get paid a lot of money to put the ball in the net.’ then make it easy. ‘ I said, “Do your job and give the ball to me, give the ball to Ronaldo. Stop standing around.” Rio is a top boy, but he sometimes forgot that he was a defender. “

Rooney had 253 goals and 146 assists in 559 competitive matches during his time at Manchester United (2004-2017). After making his debut for Everton at the age of 16 in 2002, he became the English champions’ top scorer after the switch. He had long blocked himself from being transferred to Manchester. Rooney reported on an episode in which legendary club manager Alex Ferguson tried to persuade him.

Kane is chasing Rooney’s record

“Sir Alex Ferguson tried to buy me when I was 14. He was talking to my mother and father on the phone. They said, ‘Alex is talking on the phone, Manchester United would like to buy you.’ I said, ‘Tell him to fuck. I want to play for Everton. ” In time, though, he knew he “had to play for Alex Ferguson. The reason I signed for United was because of Alex Ferguson,” Rooney said.

Rooney with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson at the official launch following the move from Everton in 2004

Rooney in 2004 with then-Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson at the official launch following his move from Everton

Source: pa / dpa / Gareth_Copley

At the age of 17, he is still the youngest goal scorer for the English national team and became, among other things, his country’s record goal scorer, with 53 goals he surpassed Bobby Charlton’s record (49). But even that could be quickly surpassed, for it had Tottenham’s Harry Kane at the weekend scored his 49th goal for England with a 2-1 victory over Switzerland. So in the World Cup year, it may not be long before Kane has also reached Rooney’s mark.

Rooney now has four sons with his wife Coleen and is the coach of the financially troubled English second division club Derby County.

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Despite the club’s many difficulties, he remains steadfastly loyal to it and bravely tries to make a virtue out of necessity. Not entirely without ulterior motives. “I have to be honest,” Rooney said, “the only reason for me to go to management of a club is Manchester United. I’m not ready now. But I have to plan everything I do so that one day it happens. ”

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