Bastian Becker ends his career with the elephants

The “eternal Basti” is done with the elephants

After more than a decade and a half, Bastian Becker ended his active career with the regional basketball team from the castle town.

When the “Back to Emotion” era began with Elephants Grevenbroich ten years ago under coach and team manager Hartmut Oehmen, the cricketer, who always tried to be clear, took “Basti” Becker, who was still considered an eternal talent at the time. , to his chest and lost him as assigned addition: “Man for all positions.” His reasoning: “If you have to play anything from 1 to 4, you are not doing anything really well because you basically do not know where you actually belong.”

Well, that may have been the case on the pitch, but overall the man with the number 12 on his jersey always knew where he belonged – namely at Elephants: “This is my club, I have been here since the U16s and I could never imagine me to play elsewhere. ” That’s how it goes, because on Saturday he played his last home game for the regional basketball league team against Herten and was on the field for a total of 27:13 minutes in the 112:88 victory involved eleven points (1/3 threes), nine rebounds and six assists . Saturday’s match at leading BBG Herford, then it’s over – after a decade and a half on the first team, after more than 400 competitive matches and the triumphs of 2014 and 2016 in the WBV Cup. “Of course, I would have imagined the departure differently, without going into the 2nd regional league,” he admits. But he is at peace with himself and his decision. “I’d rather stop now when I can still keep up.”

For the industrial clerk working in the IT department of Hydro Grevenbroich (since the summer of 2021 Speira), the priorities have changed fundamentally at the age of almost 33 years. In the Becker house in Hoeningen there is a baby again, Mariella (almost 3) and Benedikt (almost 2) have a sibling. And even though the family has not given the red card yet (“I could have added another season from my wife’s point of view.”), The time to end his basketball career right now feels right for him.

With him, the club, which has had such great success for so long, also loses the last link to its glorious past. When Bastian Becker made his debut on the first team under coach Raphael Wilder in 2006, the Elephants were still playing in the second division. The “stars” were Whitney Harris, Marin Petric and Timo Verwimp. Even after the descent in 2007, he initially had only a supporting role. Because the American professionals Brian Graves and Chris Cayole were leading the way, he gathered combat training at TuS Hilden in 2010 in consultation with coach Heimo Förster. But after that, he was part of the regular rotation and helped the elephants in every conceivable position. He took care of the setup in the control room and threw himself as a center fearlessly into duels with opponents who were 2.10 meters tall and weighed 120 kilos – sometimes he even changed position several times during the game.

The jumbo bottle Bolten Everything served by the board served as a reminder of his wild time as an integral part of the party faction on the team when he said goodbye on Saturday night. His jersey with number twelve is no longer handed out. out of the elephants in the future. And maybe he will return to the field at some point. Although he has only just discovered cycling, basketball does not leave him completely indifferent. “Let’s see, when we’re five at home, I’ll play for the Elephants again – on the second or third team …” His biggest wish is clear: “The Elephants’ immediate return to the regional league.”

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