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Dirk Nowitzki, Ambassador for the European Basketball Championship 2022, is also looking forward to EuroBasket in Cologne. © Lucas Kröger / dpa

This summer, Europe’s basketball elite will meet for EuroBasket: The German team is in the preliminary round of the Basketball European Championships at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.

Cologne – Note basketball fans, a mega event is imminent: the EuroBasket European Championship in basketball will take place from 1 to 18 September this year. A total of five cities in Europe will be played – and while the final round will be played in the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin, the German national team will call the Lanxess Arena home for their group matches. From September 1 to 7, national coach Gordon Herbert’s team will play a total of five matches in European Championship Group B in the multifunctional temple in Deutz. These include duels against NBA stars Luka Doncic (Slovenia, Dallas Mavericks) and Rudy Gobert (France, Utah Jazz). If you add top team Latvia, the German team has captured a real killer group.

next date Thursday, September 1, 2022 – Sunday, September 18, 2022
Lanxess Arena Willy-Brandt-Platz 3, 50679 Cologne

EuroBasket at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne: All information about the European Basketball Championship

This makes Cologne one of the top addresses for international sports in September – the city has already consolidated its reputation as a “sports city” in recent years. In 2019, for example, parts of the World Handball Championship took place in the cathedral city, and the international club elite in this sport have also met in Cologne at the end of each season for years to play out the winner of their Champions League. Quite apart from local sports greats like 1. FC Köln and Kölner Haie, who usually draw tens of thousands of people to their home matches. One sport, however, has so far gained some love in the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia: basketball. But that will almost certainly change next summer.

FIBA Basketball EC or EuroBasket – rhythm, defending champion, record European champion

The term EuroBasket describes the official basketball European Championship, ie the European Championship, for the European Basketball Association FIBA. It has been played every two years since 1935 and unlike international football tournaments in the “odd” years. The purpose is to prevent competing with a World Cup or European Championship. The first European champion about 90 years ago was named Latvia, the current defending champion is this year’s German group opponent Slovenia (2017). In 2019, there was no European Championships, but a World Cup to qualify for the Beijing Olympics (actually scheduled for 2020). The record-breaking European champions are the former Soviet Union with 14 titles followed by Yugoslavia (8), Spain and Lithuania (3 each).

Basketball EC 2022: Groups at EuroBasket 2022

  • Group A (preliminary round in Tbilisi, Georgen): Spain (world number 2), Russia (9), Turkey (15), Georgia (36), Belgium (37), Bulgaria (49)
  • Group B (preliminary round in Cologne): France (7), Lithuania (8), Slovenia (16), Germany (17)Hungary (38), Bosnia and Herzegovina (43)
  • Group C (preliminary round in Milan, Italy): Greece (6), Italy (10), Croatia (14), Ukraine (28), Great Britain (41), Estonia (47)
  • Group D (preliminary round in Prague, Czech Republic): Serbia (5), Czech Republic (12), Poland (13), Finland (32), Israel (39), Netherlands (44)
  • Info: The first four teams in each group, ie a total of 16 teams, advance to the final round in Berlin. This begins on September 10 with the first round of 16 and is played in knockout mode – the winner wins, the loser is eliminated. The grand finale will take place on September 18 in the capital.

At the German national team’s matches in the Lanxess Arena, excitement is already guaranteed against these top-class opponents. And maybe the start of the preliminary round in Cologne is also a good omen for the DBB team: When the German national handball team also pitched their tents in the cathedral city for the 2019 World Cup for the first matches, they reached the final in the end. Should the basketball players succeed in something similar, it would be nothing short of an absolute sensation seen in the competition. However, the minimum goal of surviving the group stage in the following matches should have already been reached.

Basketball European Championship in Cologne: schedule for the German team at EuroBasket

  • Thursday, September 1, 2022 at 20.30: Germany – France
  • Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 14.30: Germany – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Sunday, September 4, 2022 at 14.30: Germany – Lithuania
  • Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 20.30: Germany – Slovenia
  • Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 20.30: Germany – Hungary

Anyone who wants to be there live at one of these five matches in the Lanxess Arena Deutz now has the opportunity to secure different tickets: There are still tickets for all five German matches, as well as for the other ten matches that takes place in the Deutz event temple. Tip: The German team’s matches against France (September 1) and Slovenia (September 7) promise great entertainment. They are ideal as an introduction to basketball and could also inspire one or the other who had nothing to do with the sport before. You can also see Dirk Nowitzki live on September 1, 2022, which will be honored that night in Cologne. Which makes a visit to Deutz in September even more appealing.

Tickets for Basketball EM 2022: There are still tickets for all EuroBasket matches in Lanxess Arena

  • Session tickets: The session ticket entitles you to attend a match with German participation OR the other two matches without German participation on one of the five match days in Cologne.
  • One-day tickets: The day tickets give the right to participate in all three matches on one match day and are available for Cologne (five match days, all with German participation) in a total of seven different price categories.
  • Local tickets: The venue tickets are valid as a season ticket and give you access to all 15 matches in the preliminary round of the Basketball European Championship played in Cologne. Venue tickets to Cologne are available from 229 euros and to Berlin (all 16 matches in the final round) from 399 euros.
  • Team tickets: The season card for all sessions on a team in the group stage in Cologne. There are two sessions per. match day: Session 1 is played with German participation, session 2 includes the other two games. With “Team Ticket” you can secure your permanent place in the respective fan block on the teams from Germany, Lithuania, France, Slovenia, Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina in all five match days. The availability of team tickets is limited (from 139 euros).
  • Finale Weekend tickets: The season ticket for the final weekend in Berlin with both semi-finals, bronze final and gold final (from 179 euros).
Session ticket Cologne 79 euros 69 euros 49 euros 39 euros 29 euros 169 euros
Day ticket Cologne 139 euros 119 euros 89 euros 69 euros 49 euros 299 euros
Venue ticket Cologne 629 euros 549 euros 389 euros 309 euros 229 euros
Team ticket Cologne 379 euros 329 euros 229 euros 189 euros 139 euros 799 euros
Finally weekend ticket Berlin 549 euros 469 euros 359 euros 249 euros 179 euros 609 euros

In plain language: If you only want to visit one match of the German national team in Cologne, you have to pay 29 euros in category 5. The full basketball rush, ie all 15 preliminary rounds in Cologne, is available from 229 euros. This means that you only pay around 15 euros per person. games in the “Venue Ticket”. All tickets for the matches in Cologne can be purchased at the Lanxess Arena ticket shop. In addition, there is a collaboration between the organizing association FIBA, KVB and the transport association Rhein-Sieg, so that all tickets are also valid as train tickets for the trip to and from the arena.

If you want to be a part of EuroBasket 2022, do not wait too long. As the arena announced on March 28, 2022, over 100,000 tickets have already been sold for the matches in Cologne and Berlin. The basketball euphoria both in Germany and at the Cologne venue is increasing – so be careful not to look down the drain at the end of the ticket process.

When did Germany win the European Championship in basketball? Welp and Nowitzki have already been named the best European Championship players

Germany most recently won the European Championship in basketball in 1993, when they defeated the team from Russia 71:70 in a nerve-wracking final. DBB player Christian Welp, who has also been active in three teams in the NBA during his career, was named the best player, ie “MVP” (“Most Valuable Player”) in the tournament. The last European Championship medal from a German selection was in 2005, when the national team, led by basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki, only had to admit defeat to Greece in the final and took home the silver. Despite the final defeat of the DBB selection, Nowitzki, like Welp, was named the best player (“MVP”) in the tournament twelve years earlier.

It’s all ready for the biggest basketball event in Europe in 2022. The perfect opportunity for real basketball geeks as well as for people who are actually far away from the sport, to get a taste of top basketball air right on their doorstep. And who knows, maybe the German team will also evoke one or another sensation. (mo) More news on the 24RHEIN website. Tip: Informed daily about what’s happening in Cologne – just subscribe to our free 24RHEIN newsletter.

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