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The trees are in bloom, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer. We’re going full throttle towards summer. Many now feel particularly motivated to do more sports again. But do you really want to stand in the enclosed gym, where sunny weather and fresh air outside entice? We do not do that either! And that’s why we’re giving you five here outdoor sports which can make your summer more active.

All about outdoor sports

Why outdoor sports are also worthwhile in the summer

Although it can be cold and slippery in winter, many people love to do outdoor sports in the dark season. Personally, I know nothing more energizing than getting some fresh air on a winter day and to recharge your batteries with a jog in the few hours of sunshine. In addition, I enjoy being able to run, without getting too hot.

Despite beads of sweat and potential sunburn on the nose, outdoor sports are also worth the effort in the summer! Although one should Give your body time to get used to the temperature changes, but sports are healthy and even important even at high temperatures. Anyone who would now take a break from training risks a drop in performance.

Quite apart from that Sport strengthens the cardiovascular system and the heart muscles. Outdoor sports thus reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack in the long run. The immune system also benefits, and in the spring and summer it is on top of that stimulates the production of vitamin D..

Next is regular exercise also important for mental health. Various studies have been able to prove that eg depression or anxiety disorders can be alleviated through regular exercise.

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Sport keeps you not only physically fit but also mentally. Photo: IMAGO / addictive warehouse

What to consider when playing outdoor sports

While you need to be careful when playing outdoor sports in the winter, take care of your body in the summer primarily to protect against overheating. Especially in summer, a lot of energy is spent on equalizing the temperature. that Physical exertion is therefore more strenuous in the summer.

For this reason, it is extremely important not to train 100% in the summer. For example, if you use a fitness tracker, you should use yours Lower your training heart rate by at least ten percent. What else to consider:

Drink enough.

When doing outdoor sports in the spring and summer, make sure you drink enough. Through increased sweating you lose more fluid and minerals. This sometimes even reduces your performance. So it is best to drink moderate amounts before, during and after exercise. Avoid drinks that are too cold prefer mineral water or juice spritzers.

woman drinking water
You should drink between two and three liters a day. Anyone who does sports, even in the summer, should drink more. Photo: Artem Varnitsin

Dress appropriately.

While you should keep the center of your body warm during outdoor sports in the winter, it is in the summer Breathable clothing is especially important. This supports the body’s natural cooling effect when producing sweat. A hat can also protect you from sunstroke. Sports glasses help against both hay fever and headaches caused by the sun’s rays.

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Use sunscreen.

Anyone who trains outdoors in the spring and summer should never do without sunscreen. Even on cloudy days. This protects against sunburn. You can read here what sun protection your skin needs.

Pay attention to the training time.

Especially in the summer you should Avoid outdoor exercise at lunchtime. It is better to plan your workout early in the morning or in the evening. Be sure to include shady spots in your workout and to avoid scorching sun. Also remember to do a warm-up to protect yourself from injury.

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woman hot ice cream
Do you want to play sports in the heat? We give you tips on how to do it without folding down. Photo: Getty Images / MStudio Images

You should try these 5 outdoor sports

Would you like to try outdoor sports but have not yet found the right sport for you? These five are worth at least one trial session:

1. Jogging, plowing, hiking

Jogging has several health benefits and just makes the endorphins bubble. So it makes you healthy and happy! Beginners can start with a brisk walk, then try trotting and then start with easy 10- to 15-minute runs. You can find several reasons why you should start jogging and what mistakes you should avoid when you jog properly here.

Tips for all environmentally conscious: If you want to combine the positive effects of jogging with a good deed, try plowing. Here you collect rubbish during a run in the park. People with a connection to nature can especially do their thing Also move the route out into pure nature. For example, hiking or trail running are ideal outdoor sports for this summer.

2. Inline skating

Inline skating is said to more efficient and light on the joints is than jogging. Anyone who has found a fine route along nature not only stays in shape but can do so as well Enjoy nature in full bloom in the summer.

With inline skating, you train your balance, improve your endurance and strengthen yours Legs and buttocks muscles. To avoid injury, you should definitely wear a safety helmet and joint protectors.

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3. Swimming

Swimming is not only the ideal outdoor sport because you can practice it anywhere in the summer: in the lake, the sea, outdoor pool, etc. It also trains your endurance in a way that is easy for the joints and offers you permanent cool refreshment. So if you avoid sports in the summer just because of the annoying beads of sweat, you should give it a try Breaststroke, backstroke or front crawl sample.

The best thing about this sport? It is inexpensive, requires little equipment (swimming goggles, swimming cap, bathing suit or swimming trunks) and is ideal for strengthening the muscles throughout the body. Especially neck and back benefits.

4. get up and paddle

Stand up paddling requires you to use your whole body to move forward. Above all, your stomach and torso are challenged. In addition, is yours trained sense of balance. All in all, you work on your body feeling on the board and on top of that you can really get down, far away from the hustle and bustle of the coast and your everyday life. Be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen!

5. Bouldering

Finally, I have another outdoor sport for you that primarily trains your arms and upper body: climbing. People also like to talk about so-called bouldering, which translates as stone.

And that’s exactly what it’s about: In this outdoor sport, you’re climbing on a real or artificial boulder. Included you work on your own body weight and train your finger, arm and leg strength. This sport has it all, but therefore offers new challenges, especially for advanced athletes!

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