Sunday night football madness on the fourth of Advent

With only a few days left until Christmas, the NFL is far from calm between the playoffs, some major disruptions and the recent Covid chaos. Our Cover Them All Gameday Recap covers all of the NFL Sunday games in Week 15, including the big show from a young German football star, historic Baltimore milestones, and the Sunday Night Football shocker!

Badass Saints spoils Brady Sunday Night Football

It was actually an NFL game that would make some NBC stations scold their frustrations. In what felt like a distant past, someone raised the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle to primetime status in anticipation of a hard-fought division duel, perhaps even the NFC South title, and a surprising quarterback duel between Tom Brady and Drew Brees’ designated successor. It was sobering to realize that the Saints had poor chances due to a series of injuries as they traveled to the reigning Super Bowl champion with backup signal calling Taysom Hill and a backpack full of worries. Well, actually …

What really followed, however, was a game that should have reconciled many a planner – not to mention the fans of the New Orleans Saints. Your team provides one of the biggest surprises of the NFL season and gives the Bucs a hard damper on the internal Contender error via shutout. Instead of warming up with a rematch for the first defeat of the post-season, Brady and Co. have. now a whole series of question marks. At no point did the quarterbacks of the century (26 of 48 successful passes, one interception) and his ensemble, who are otherwise so happy to score, crack the versatile Saints defense that puts a more than clear exclamation point with four sacks and two forced turnovers. . It did not matter that the Saints’ offense only managed a little over 200 yards. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the victory keeps New Orleans in the playoffs and they seem to like the underdog form quite well.

Aaron Rodgers with milestone in away win in Baltimore

The toe, a Canadian look-alike from Germany, potential engagements with Jeopardy (or is it Stiko?) … and at the end of the day, Aaron Rodgers always delivers the most important of his workdays across the board. He can not prevent the late and almost fatal prevent defense of his defensive mates (and coaches), but at least he draws level with Brett Favre on the Packers’ touchdown list. Tyler Huntley, Mark “Monster” Andrews and brave Ravens do everything they can, but end up falling short with the potentially crucial two-point conversion. Bitter for B-More!

Buffalo Bills with mini approval against Carolina

The Saturday in front of the television was quite fine for the Buffalo Bills due to the defeat of the New England Patriots, a day later they gilded the fourth weekend of Advent with their own home win against the tame Panthers. Josh Allen (three passing touchdowns) held back a bit with his own walks out of his pocket due to a bad foot, but the Bills tried their hand at traditional running play with Devin Singletary (86 rush yards including touchdowns). Carolina defends bravely at times, but is ultimately too limited offensively. Kicker Zane Gonzalez’s warm-up injury did not help either.

The Dolphins continue their winning streak against the Jets

The Miami Dolphins stick their heads pretty high out of the water, and suddenly they even see the playoffs splash past on the horizon within reach. only problem? The schedule is getting a little heavier now, and there should be a need for better performances than those who have repeatedly served against basement kids like Houston or the Sunday kickers from New York. Nevertheless, the six victories say something about Miami’s character. You will not find anything similar with the Jets, any euphoria about Robert Saleh seems to have disappeared. And as things stand at the moment, Zach Wilson is also starting at minus one in year two.

The Detroit Lions win a sensation over the Cardinals

Late in the NFL season, the Detroit Lions are still evolving into an absolute home team, and with the Cardinals, they are really showing their claws to an absolute top team. Kyler Murray and his boys find it not fun at all in a short week and run at full steam into the Jared Goff-led chainsaw with no real attitude. Also firmly involved: Amon-Ra St. Brown, who sends Christmas greetings to football Germany with eight catches, 90 yards and a long touchdown. His third game in a row with seven catches leaves you hungry for more, even though there’s a festive roast on Christmas Eve.

The NFL basement duel in Jacksonville goes to the Houston Texans

In the battle for the top spot 2022 in the NFL Draft, one fan in particular attracted attention who, like “Trenchcoat Man” from the Boston Patriots, stole onto the field during a Jaguars touchdown. Yes, there were actually spectators to this basement duel at the stadium. They saw cheerful Texans where Brandin Cooks caught two touchdowns and Tremon Smith conjured up a return score from kickoff on the turf. In the end, the only thing left for the Jacksonville Jaguars was the joy and certainty that no coach would step on their feet during the warm-up Wednesday. Goodbye Urban!

The Dallas Cowboys are taking another step toward the NFL playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys are a stubborn NFL team. Once the opponents have the ball, the Texans take the game equipment from them on a regular basis “Kita Battle Royal Style” and without asking. They wrestled the ball from their ailing arch-rival from New York three times, including Trevon Diggs’ tenth interception of the season. This means that even in the offensive, a third gear with low revs is enough to win safely over the Giants, who have been hit hard by injuries.

TJ Watt and the defense keep the Steelers in the playoffs

The Pittsburgh Steelers do not have much hope for the high-hanging fruit this year, but they confirm their reputation as a flagship franchise and throw everything and a little more in balance. It’s often not particularly nice, especially on the offensive, but in the end it’s probably against the Titans who are disposed of that day. TJ Watt is throwing a huge steel milestone with 17.5 sacks for the season – a franchise record for a team whose tough defenders have mixed resistance players in their fruit loops for breakfast for decades.

San Francisco dominates the NFC fight against Atlanta

On paper, the records for the two teams were almost identical, but the San Francisco 49ers clearly showed the Falcons that there can be a big difference between 6-7 and 7-6 (as the statistics before the game revealed). Niners dig deeper and deeper into the NFC playoffs and look forward again to the help of the usual suspects. “Jimmy G” instructs with great accuracy, Deebo Samuel contributes another rush touchdown, George Kittle convinces (93 receiving yards) and Fred Warner’s defense hands out a series of hard blows as gifts. Only running back Jeff Wilson’s 110-yard blast was not on everyone’s list beforehand.

Young Bengals who want to get a taste of playoff air after victory in Denver

The air at Mile High is about as thin as the list of explosive offensive games in this hard-fought playoff game (I’m not talking about you, Javonte “I do not go down so easily” Williams). Former starter Drew Lock, who took on the injured Teddy Bridgewater with the Broncos, could not change that either. Joe Burrow and Tyler Boyd initially took the lead for the Bengals, aided by a scornful penalty kick on Tim Patrick, and then let the defense top it off with several heroic stops.

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