San Francisco 49ers: What Will Happen to Jimmy Garoppolo?

San Francisco / Munich – Deshaun Watson joins Cleveland, Russell Wilson becomes Bronco and Matt Ryan leaves Falcons – in recent weeks the quarterback carousel has spun faster than ever.

In addition to Baker Mayfield, another highly traded trader is waiting to jump off: 49ers star Jimmy Garoppolo.

Since most of the seeking teams have found their playmaker for 2022, things will not necessarily get better for the longtime starter. A cover-up operation is also not useful.

Jimmy Garoppolo: 49ers knew nothing about surgery

As “ProFootballTalk” reports, the 30-year-old must have undergone surgery on his shoulder in early March.

Basically, this topic is not unusual, for such interventions, especially with key players, there is actually no better time than the offseason.

However, it will be problematic if the service provider in question does not coordinate this operation with his team – as apparently happened in the Jimmy Garoppolo case.

San Francisco 49ers: Clear plan at quarterback position

The days of many years of backup by Tom Brady, who came to San Francisco in 2017 and led the traditional franchise to the Super Bowl in 2019, have been numbered in California since April last year.

General manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan swapped the third draft pick and selected promising rookie Trey Lance.

The club’s quarterback future was secured early, but it was too early for immediate use. The clear plan of the 49s was therefore: Let the experienced Garoppolo go first for at least a year before the hopefully more mature Lance should slip into the role.

This one year is now over, a trade from the former hope Garoppolo seemed like a closed deal. He has not yet become anything.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Lucrative exchange offer – but is the risk too high?

There should be deals that Lynch also revealed for “ProFootballTalk” a few days ago. A franchise announced Garoppolo’s services with the equivalent of two second-round picks.

The 49ers probably will not get a better deal now. Even though ex-teammate Mark Nzeocha talks to the playmaker race in the highest tones: “He can certainly play football very well and he can help his team win the championship.”

And the soft skills would also fit: “He’s a great guy, so personal, a good leader.” Nzeocha therefore finds it “a little unjustified that there is so little interest”.

A quarterback who does not appear to be capable of his former best and who has undergone surgery should knock out many teams. Two choices in the second round are also a high price – former MVP Matt Ryan, for example, switched cheaply to Indianapolis for a choice in the third round.

In addition to the injury, Garoppolo’s current contract should also act as a deterrent: The veteran will earn $ 25.5 million this year.

The bottom line is that it is too much of a risk to grab an expensive playmaker after major surgery.

Future in the Bay Area: Two Options for San Francisco

This leaves San Francisco with two options: Garoppolo is still playing in the Bay Area this season, starting or as a backup behind Lance. Nzeocha can not imagine the latter: “It’s just too expensive, you can not keep it.”

Or the 49s end the Garoppolo era the hard way and fire the playmaker. A big step, but one that could be very worthwhile for General Manager John Lynch.

The 30-year-old’s salary is only guaranteed from match day 1 (live on ProSieben, ProSieben MAXX and, so San Francisco can wait until the training camps and preseason start. The $ 1.4 million dead cap hit would also speak in favor of such an approach.

Perhaps more importantly, firing Garoppolo would free up as much as $ 25 million in cap space.

Should 21-year-old Lance be allowed to take the reins, Lynch could easily give him promising help with the money available.

Time on the 49ers side

The 49ers still have time, the club does not have to rush its decision.

The past few weeks have shown that almost nothing in the NFL is impossible. And who knows – maybe there will still be a willing buyer for the former hero from the proud franchise.

Tom Offinger

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